Wilson and Pauline are bad companies

There was this SMS from Wilson late at night, asking me if I wanted to go for drinks. At first, I thought he had quarrel with Pauline until I realised both of them were side by side.

They came down by CCK and I thought Mingen was with them but Jianhao was inside the car instead. So, the four of us went to a pub where Wilson’s sister worked at, along the road to Chinatown.

The atmosphere was weird and both Jianhao and I didn’t feel comfortable. Suddenly Wilson started to introduce the place was called MOX and it was a gay pub. Not discriminating gays, but I didn’t want to get too near to any. Things could get worse if any of them tried to get hooked up with us.

Pauline’s presence was a shield; at least I thought they would realise we weren’t part of their culture. However, I was in a white sleeveless shirt with a “69” logo behind, which might cause misunderstanding. Oh well, fcuk heck.

It wasn’t as bad when Wilson mentioned there were lesbians too and true enough, just a short distance away at the balcony with a transparent door intersection, there were these two girls sitting down there, and one of them was a babe. She was just nice at my angle but the darkness spoiled my enjoyment of the sight.

I had a glass of alcoholic drinks with a name of whatever “butt”. I felt it was strong as the first few slips already got my face burning. After a while, I needed not to look at the mirror to know my face was freaking red. I knew I couldn’t take it anymore after finishing the whole glass.

We left for MOS (Ministry of Sound) and that was my first time going there. I was checked on my pouch at the entrance but the guy wasn’t thorough afterall and there were nothing else for my spectacle and contact lens’ containers and a camera. We went in with the price of $25 which I thought was actually a waste of money.

The place was big and at least there were girls. I didn’t know if I were seeing things or all the babes had gone there, that half of the girls were quite pretty.

So, was it a trend for all the pretty girls to club? Maybe that was the reason why I was alone because I didn’t have the money and time to indulge myself in these places.

But there were too many couples to be envied of. Girls and guys were dancing intimately and hugging, kissing each other. Sometimes I started to wonder if they were real couples or just got hooked up on the spots. The guys were of course lucky asses.

There were also uncles who made me laugh at their actions. It was good to be young at their ages and so I had to change my mindset to such that old people did club as well. Luckily, I didn’t see any old grannies wearing sexily, trying to get some loves.

Though I hated the smell of smoke, I was more immune to it. For strangers yes I would try to withstand but certainly for friends I would preach and nag.

The first glass of drink was diluted or maybe I was already drunk that I couldn’t feel the power of the alcohol; my head was already numbed before leaving the gay pub. The second one was stronger and tasted better. I didn’t know their names because Wilson was the one exchanging the coupons for the alcohols when I knew nuts about them.

Dancing wasn’t nice as the previous time two years ago when I was Chinablack when I had more friends with me. Wilson was funny and Pauline paused to stare at him a few times. Sometimes I felt Jianhao and I were lightbulbs but Jianhao was luckier since he could have brought his girlfriend along if she wasn’t working or what.

The fat Malay girl who shook her butts so well didn’t impress me at all. Then, the uncle was the last survivor on the higher ground (I wasn’t sure of the term). After some time, it was crowded again.

Anyway, we were at the spot where there were fewer girls, though Pauline told me it was good to get crowded with girls so that I could rub their butts from time to time. But I would prefer a non-sneaky one.

It was good to get high once in a while, especially when nothing turned up good; however, not to the extend of drinking too much. I shouldn’t have taken the hot stuff at the gay pub afterall. We left MOS after spending around two hours there.

Wilson was great with his parking and he could drive after drinking as well. He drove us to a nearby place for supper. The first coffee shop claimed that there wasn’t any plain roti prata anymore and we knew it was bullshit; they just wanted to sell more expensive food. I preferred it to be plain since young, same for other food, no matter what delicacies could be added.

We moved further down to another shop then and it had such high technology with an ordering machine outside! For such casual place I didn’t expect much and that was the cause of my shockness. The more stunning part was the cost of just a plate of fish and chips – eight bucks. It was just a coffee shop and not a high class restaurant.

I was granted with my two plain prata but suddenly I felt so floated in my stomach. Then, I started to get very high. There was almost such a big delay of the alcohol effect. I wished I could finish them since they tasted nice but I couldn’t.

Wilson sent me home before going to Jianhao’s house to get three bottles of unfinished liquor before bottling up near Wilson’s place. Just as I got down the car besides the stairs to my lift, I vomited. I sat down at the stairs outside my house but the dizziness didn’t go away. I went in and then started to vomit again. After bathing, it came again.

They were so much better than the previous time during my birthday though I vomited three times as well. Similarly, the highness didn’t drive all the shit away from my mind.

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