Can’t find my buddies

Sunday, a disappointing day turned quite fruitful.

I had a list of more than twenty friends to gather. Each day, I strike off a few and till the last day I realised it was really pointless to try on. It was frustrating to have friends who played un-contactable game on the actual day.

There has been too much diversion of commitment. People get sick of the group they spent years with and they always look out for changes and freshies, except for me, who is always dwelling in the past.

One by one they drift off when they get involved in relationships, or when other friends become more valuable. The trend continues and gathering seems to be filled with boredom increasingly as days go by. It does not seem good. Work and studies are more important than any other thing to some and attitudes have played a big part too.

My camera went on strike and I had a hard morning fixing it, managed to squeeze out the photos but the first seven were damaged. The XD memory card ignored me after that. So, I took some time to continue, hoping someone would arrive early to meet up with Kailin who was already there, but she was all alone. I gave up an hour later and left home without the camera.

When I got more depressed for the overslept parties, I still decided to go in since Zhengfang and Evelyn had already arrived unexpectedly. I planned for the worst, to join Peh and his gang thick-skinnedly. However, when we reached Sunsetbay, I saw Sing Wei and Bianhong; suddenly I seemed to have so many friends there and it turned my mood better suddenly.

Bianhong had brought his second sister, Wanting, along but she could not recognise me anymore. It was so sad. She and her youngest sister, Wanying, used to like my companion so much when they still stayed at Bukit Purmei, which was near to my house.

Anyway, Zhengfang, Evelyn, Kailin, Bianhong and I started playing with Peh’s group. We had many leisure games and the weather was cool. After some time, I was asked to play in a team of strangers and I scored ace continuously and ended the game fast.

I finally got to kayak again and then I managed to overturn Zhengfang and Evelyn’s kayak thrice, whereas Zhengfang had his revenge once in the end. I joined Peh and his friends in the end when everyone had left but we did not play for long before going off.

We had Sakae Sushi for dinner. I took only a few plates since my dinner was already home and my wallet was almost empty. I was sleepy by evening time since I woke up at eight in the morning for hair cut and I had already been lacking of sleep for the whole week. I could not concentrate on their talks, especially when the topics were unknown to me.

So, I managed to survive a day without the camera. The day reflected badly on some friends and eventually I got more sensible and clearer over my future time allocation.

Sam hit the news header

As expected, the weekends were hectic; instead of getting more rest, I shagged myself out even more.

Last Friday was the Signal forty years anniversary parade and luckily we could leave at eight plus in the night, unlike trainees and regulars. However, hours of time was wasted at the beginning of the weekends.

Saturday morning, I pushed myself to wake up for the outing at ECP (East Coast Park). After messaging everyone, I predicted almost all of them would be late since none replied me. I was five minutes early at the MacDonalds’ and then I occupied one of the cubicles inside the toilet.

I received messages from some of them claiming that they would be late. Since Raymond and Sam did not reply my previous message, I called them directly and realised they were still asleep. Kailin arrived the earliest, followed by Kian Wee. Next were Gilbert and Bryan who had miscommunication on meeting up. I was surprised when Sam arrived as I thought he would be sleeping all the way since he had already overslept.

As to apologise, Gilbert insisted in treating Kailin and I to breakfast before we began our day of excitements. I was glad Kailin could mix around very well with them, as each of them was so funny and gentlemanly and indeed my worthy and heavenly blessed best friends in camp.

We rented the six bikes at the price of thirty bucks. We rode towards the chalets’ side, sometimes in great speed while sometimes paddling like tortoises. It was Bryan’s idea to join two bikes together by having a holding another person’s handler with the nearer hand. We fell off to the side when our speeds were of a greater difference. I did not realise there was some cuts underneath my socks as there was no pain at first. Basically, Bryan was totally fine but I felt a knock at the underneath side of my arm.

Soon, Sam took up the challenge of doing the same stun. It was a few seconds’ time when they started to fall apart again. Sam hurt his legs badly with the cuts and it was bloody. I took the chance to play around with my camera. We had a long rest before we went to the Safra chalet to get some medication for his legs. Bryan became a nurse for the day.

It took us around forty minutes to cycle back to the bicycle shop and I was already expecting to be late since before heading back. We spent two hours instead of the given one and a half hour but luckily the shop keeper did not demand us to pay extra money. Sam left first for his Japanese lesson.

The rest of us went to Parkway Parade shopping centre to wait for Raymond who was late again even though he stayed so near. We went to the Ichiban sushi restaurant and I had problems selecting the food since I rarely took Japanese food. In the end, I ordered Udong Sushi set, which was not very nice as I did not really know how to appreciate it. Lunch was supposedly on Raymond for being extremely late but we forked out ten bucks each except for Kailin whom he refused to collect from.

After that, Raymond left for his church, which surprised me as I was expecting him to be free the whole day. We went to the arcade and had a very exciting game there. After that, we spent quite some time at Giant. Bryan upgraded his gym equipment inventory in the first storey.

It was around five when we were leaving. It was too early for Gilbert to go to the airport to fetch his brother but it was better to join us on the way to Paya Lebar MRT. He refused. Sitting alone at the bus-stop like a lost kid, he made us feel bad.

I had a big problem deciding whether to go home to get changed first before meeting Sam as it was getting late. He called me and we met up at Raffles’ Place MRT and then he accompanied me home. After bathing, we went to Marina Square’s food court for dinner.

I told him to get his food first since he complained hungry. Then I went to the Chinese stall to get chicken cutlet with fried rice. The uncle kept repeating his words, vowing to return the money if the food was not nice, which was quite irritating. Anyway, I took a long time to get back and Sam was waiting for me. I was shocked by how well-mannered he could be. Anyway, my rice was quite tasteless. He treated me drinks and then we shared a popian.

Tickets were fast selling and it was full house before we reached the ticket booth. It was difficult to contact Raymond and he refused to say what he was doing. In the end, we went to Suntec City and managed to buy the tickets at the left side of the first row for the show Munich. Raymond was late.

Sam and I regretted watching it that night as we could have gotten tickets for the next week. I had big problem staying focused even though the show was very nice. The lack of sleep combined with my eyes irritation made me doze off so many times. It was extremely tiring to watch the show at that angle as well. Raymond seemed to give up waking me at the last hour.

It was a three hours show and I woke up to give some cursing as I could have finished watching it if it was not such a long one. Anyway, I missed my last train, but I was not worried at all since I could have walked home. In the end, I took bus 145 home.

It was really a good day, with the companion of friends – really good friends.

What a night

I’m having a gastric pain not because I’m hungry. The lime juice must have caused the acidic gas in my stomach again. Damn the SGH specialist who told me it might not be gastric problem and thus I thought I could continue drinking my favourite lime juice.

I’m facing a bowl of rice now and I have to finish them when I’m not feeling terrible, so as to prevent my mum from nagging in a very very piercing manner, in a way which is thousand times worse than scolding. I will never tell my mum I will be home for dinner until the day itself; how I know Sam will ask me out for a movie and dinner?

I’m typing with the television on when I really hate noise now. It is tearing my brain apart. I do not want to see any show even when there are babes inside, not even if they were to strip themselves naked.

I’m having such irritating eyes tiredness, which the doctors in polyclinic fail to solve after four times of visiting. I’m having them red, with the blood vessels appearing.

I’m sending Pauline a file with such a low transfer rate. It has been so many days that my brother’s computer is dealing with such damn freaking big transaction of files and hell I know why his computer is always having the upperhand and holds priority to the bandwidth.

I’m blasted with problems now. The memory card just refuses to show anything except to indicate it has to be formatted. The pictures to all the happy hours are kept inside and I cannot do anything now. How am I going to answer to everyone else? How am I going to stop their disappointments? How am I going to ease the pain in my heart?

What a night.

Air-con chaos

(AVA) 1337 rings…

Me: Good afternoon, AVA.

Wen: Ah Boon lah…

Me: Oh, why?

Wen: I call Joo Joo to get the compressor keys but he keeps saying cannot
hear. Maybe resection not good. Can you help me to call him?

Me: You come down office call yourself la. I don’t know anything.

Wen: Cannot la, I’m with contractor.

Me: Okay okay, I’ll try.

(TRMS) 1109 rings…

Me: … (Joo Joo must be not around again sia)

(TRMS) 1443 rings…

Me: Hey who are you?

Blackie: Kuku la, who are you?

Me: Kai here. Is Joo Joo there?

Blackie: No, he’s not around. Oh ya I ask you ah. Do you have a standing board can paste pictures on it one?

Me: (Fuck… I’m on urgent task now and he wants to give me troubles. He needs things don’t know how to ask earlier and need to ask when I call meh?) Huhz… what is it?

Blackie: The one we put to show display… abc… xyz…

Me: (Is it this black one which we use to put labelling of alphabets and numbers? We don’t paste things on it one lor)

Blackie: Call your I/C here.

Me: (Fuck. He thinks customer service centre ah?) @$#@% Hey can someone come and entertain this guy?! Fuck la. I’m on urgent matter and he asks for crap now… #%@$!%

Jonshit took over and Shep was at the other line already…

Shep: Blah blah blah…

Jonshit: Oh I’ll bring it over later… oh we need the compressor keys….

Shep informed 007 about the air-con failure. 007 called over and asked, finding fault on people. In the end he was not doing anything about it and he did no know what to do anyway. Basically, we were able to settle everything by our own initiative and we did not require or request for any dumbass’ help. He was really bored.

It was then discovered that one of the air-con was spoiled and that caused the failure of others as well since they were grouped together. The air-con men came but guards stopped them from coming in even though there were still hours before the parade.

Lessons – never taught in schools

It was a very busy day in camp, however it did not imply to most people. Well, it was a weird energy to start working since the early morning, having to pick up phone even before I could swallow my medicine. Some people could pretend nothing was happening around, sit back and enjoy, knowing someone else would do the job.

Other than the messy office, I wanted to finish up as many undone work as possible. So, I left for the theatrette without saying a word. Luckily, Yuqing joined me soon to fix up all the connections and move the furniture to the original room.

It was not the critical part for the day yet until the changing of the broken soft boards to consolidate them. The dust succeeded in decorating both Yuqing and I, even aided my eyes and nose irritation to provoke me.

Next was the disgusting fallen off soft boards soaked with rain and being dried up since weeks or months ago. The smell was devastating. We managed to clean up the place nicely.

I hated duty days but I could not help it. I was expecting to leave very late, however, being so lucky that the parade rehearsal ended early. After locking up the office, I went over to the main one and saw Quek there. It was not good to leave him alone there and so I hanged around and tried to psycho him to go home as well.

There were so many things he was doing that many of us had not seen. Even the head, 007, would never stay back just to do work that he could have allocated to us. Quek had done too much that had really bought over my support for him.

I offered to help him with a simple copying while he could do his research, however he was afraid that it would be tiring for me and he joined in the “fun” as well. We had a very long talk, which stretched till the break time at the vending machine. It was that night I visual so many of his ideas as well as tolerant and forgivingness. He had also enlightened me in many issues, such that I was able to see things brighter. I was amazed by his thinking, analysis and plans.

However, there was still something which I could not see to his thinking; I would never want to waste a cent for *** but he did not mind spending hundreds bucks so as to make his working place better. He loved to be alone as well sometimes, doing work at night and even drinking by himself. I ought to learn more from his independence. I was tired, but weirdly, able to absorb his words.

That night, he finally gave up after our long chat besides the spectrum. I waited for him to get changed and walked down the slope, up the stairs and crossed the road to get a packet of cigarette at the coffee shop. Then, he decided to relax himself by going for a drink near my place.

He gave me a lift to his house to get something and I got to see his twenty-one years old child. Then, we took another cab and he dropped me at my place.

My kind friend

Gilbert had been so kind that he wanted to see a good improvement in my website’s design and he gladly offered to help me with it. He wasted so much time that day but I was too fussy about everything.

He had numerous impressive wallpaper designed however, none could fit into my ideal looks. It was not about how beautiful his work was but how it could rhyme with my theme and how it could actually “describe” my personality well.

The simplicity and plainness in my current design expressed me nearly to completion; it shows how dull I could be. Though I have much more to expect for with some of the smaller details, I’m satisfied enough for the moment.

She's a babe

I have a good plan for webmasters to bring in huge traffic, which would most probably attract undesirable visits as well. With the current hot issue in Singapore, you just need to include “N-Y-P” in your website or even blog, and your site would definitely get extra thousands of hits per day.

Sadly, the girl is so sweet and cute looking and it is going to leave her a life long of regrets. Definitely nobody would know the exact story behind it but seriously some girls can do stupid things so that their boyfriends do not break up with them. This threat is too stupid. If this rate goes on, all the innocent girls would definitely change for the worse at an earlier stage of life.

It is always the case of “you can do anything, but just don’t get caught”. Let’s just pray hard that someone will not be expelled from school. Her boyfriend is a lucky ass.

Rabbits for adoption

I’m giving away the black and white rabbits at my house. My elder brother bought them for hundred over bucks because of his ex-girlfriend. Therefore, my mum names the black one after this girl Joanna and the while one Yiting (my brother’s first ex).

We used to put the cage outside at the corridor but our dearest neighbours complained that their old dog fell sick because of the rabbits and then soon the Ministry of Health came to give us warning.

As of now, my elder brother has chunked them in the living room besides my work station and he rarely bothers about them. He does not even feed them or replenish their water. The rest of us are doing the job daily for him instead. My mum even feeds them with junk food instead of the grass, which my brother has not stocked up enough.

As my health problem arouses my allergy nose probably, it is not good to get in touch too much with fury pets, especially those who are not cleaned often.

Both of the female rabbits are really close to each other. They look cute but I hardly play with them since they are afraid of human and it is not fun this way. I still prefer a dog, of course one who does not drop so much fur.

Rabbits are so cute and therefore you should adopt them!

Chest pain

I woke up to feel weird that whenever I did a little extra deep breathing, my chest hurt.

It was supposed to be a good day for Firman was going to my place to attend a course and I was supposed to chill up with him, but I felt it was crucial to visit a doctor. Besides, my eyes and nose were doing me lots of irritation.

I was the second to be in the queue, reaching so early that even the registration counter was not opened yet. There was a weird uncle there who insisted on sitting on the third seat and asking me to take the first but I felt it was not nice. In the end, I took the seat “behind” his and became the fourth patient. However, I was still the patient of one of the doctors in the polyclinic.

I waited for more than an hour and the chest pain had recovered, but turned into breathing difficulty. I was surprised when the doctor spoke to me in Chinese, which was my actual intention. As usual, the fourth time I went to see for the same problem, I was told that I had allergy nose, which caused uncomfortably to my eyes as well. As for my chest pain, she said it could be due to inflammatory and definitely not heart problem.

In the midst of relating the histories of my problems, I forgot about my main worry, which was the cause of the chest pain. It could be due to depression caused by the unfair denial of participation in the inter-formation volleyball game; of course, it was not as serious as situations in television, but at least it really weakened my body so much.

As usual, the doctor said that my house should be kept very clean at all times and I could be very sensible to pets, and therefore they must be cleaned very often. As she was telling me all these, I decided it was useless for her to repeat them again for my house could never be clean unless I was not living with my family members and even the damn big rabbits’ cage was left right besides my working area now without attendance and my elder brother, the owner, gladly fuck care them without even feeding them.

Though I had gone there so early this time so that I could go home earlier, one of the medicine, which was the eyedrop, required me to go over to the hospital’s pharmacy to purchase. In the end, I was delayed.

The eyedrop “Opticrom” did my eyes more comfort; the nasal spray “Flixonase” was as irritating as the past when I used it; there were also these “Loratadine” tablets, which should be for flu. The great thing was that the spray caused over ten bucks and everything, including the consultation was for free.

I got just one day MC, which I believed again I would get three days if I were to visit the hospital instead. Polyclinic doctors are so weird that they believe patients can work with their eyes feeling irritated.