Adapting to society

As time passes, my trust for people decreases. Promise is always meant to be broken and it always happens.

Maybe it is an essential in life to give promises to others since hopes are the motivation to survive in this unholy society; I might be wrong all these while because I have never compromised over it, such that I hate to give promise when I’m not confident of handling the task.

I still live in this own naive world of mine. I remember losing a good chance to socialise and earn big bucks in a job offer; I never want to cause any problem to anyone. I have lost more than this, especially when girls love to hear wonderful lies.

While others have gained so much more than me, it has been so common that everyone seems to have immune to empty promises, except me. The immaturity wraps me up like a little kid, giving me such big disappointment each time.

Yesterday was the fifteen as well as the last day of the Chinese New Year. My trust for people decreased greatly again a week ago. But before that, I have never expected much from anyone anymore.

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