Air-con chaos

(AVA) 1337 rings…

Me: Good afternoon, AVA.

Wen: Ah Boon lah…

Me: Oh, why?

Wen: I call Joo Joo to get the compressor keys but he keeps saying cannot
hear. Maybe resection not good. Can you help me to call him?

Me: You come down office call yourself la. I don’t know anything.

Wen: Cannot la, I’m with contractor.

Me: Okay okay, I’ll try.

(TRMS) 1109 rings…

Me: … (Joo Joo must be not around again sia)

(TRMS) 1443 rings…

Me: Hey who are you?

Blackie: Kuku la, who are you?

Me: Kai here. Is Joo Joo there?

Blackie: No, he’s not around. Oh ya I ask you ah. Do you have a standing board can paste pictures on it one?

Me: (Fuck… I’m on urgent task now and he wants to give me troubles. He needs things don’t know how to ask earlier and need to ask when I call meh?) Huhz… what is it?

Blackie: The one we put to show display… abc… xyz…

Me: (Is it this black one which we use to put labelling of alphabets and numbers? We don’t paste things on it one lor)

Blackie: Call your I/C here.

Me: (Fuck. He thinks customer service centre ah?) @$#@% Hey can someone come and entertain this guy?! Fuck la. I’m on urgent matter and he asks for crap now… #%@$!%

Jonshit took over and Shep was at the other line already…

Shep: Blah blah blah…

Jonshit: Oh I’ll bring it over later… oh we need the compressor keys….

Shep informed 007 about the air-con failure. 007 called over and asked, finding fault on people. In the end he was not doing anything about it and he did no know what to do anyway. Basically, we were able to settle everything by our own initiative and we did not require or request for any dumbass’ help. He was really bored.

It was then discovered that one of the air-con was spoiled and that caused the failure of others as well since they were grouped together. The air-con men came but guards stopped them from coming in even though there were still hours before the parade.

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