Being sensible and responsible

I was lying on my mattress while watching television show, knowing I was tired enough to doze off but I was too tired and had to obligate my disabled body.

My mum woke me up for my phone ringing thrice. At first I felt frustrated but later I realised it was our usual trend when the phone rang and it was a good practise for in case of emergency call.

Mingfa wanted to ask if I were going down to the beach again for refereeing in the Surf and Sweat competition; I would have to but Jianhao had told me that the NTU team didn’t have enough budget for that, and so, the current referees had to work extra hard and I no longer had excuse to go down to look at babes. Two missed calls were from Siew Chin who wanted to check if I were going down to the beach as well, but to play volleyball; there wouldn’t be any court left since the competition was up.

As my younger brother was still talking on the phone, I had no choice but to use my mobile phone to call them back. Actually, I couldn’t be bothered much about my phone bill anymore; yes my mum was paying for it all along and I always made it a point not to overuse the free talk-time and SMS, until the *** started to screw it up.

They just treated it as if they were paying for my bill. The endless calls from both known and unknown numbers, to seek help or just to check my location, didn’t fail to heat the temperature of my phone up.

I wasn’t guilty of anything but was terribly upset, for my purest reputation of being a sensible and responsible phone user being tarnished, and no matter I could keep my clean sheet record of not overusing it. I couldn’t help but to feel the helplessness to life again, that no matter how hard I tried, it would screw up if it really wanted to screw up.

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