Bitten again

I hate this type of life and I hate it more when I cannot even do what I want, not even to keep up my job scope.

This son-of-the-bitch came in to return stores that he had borrowed a week ago. I did not even have any complaint for all the tedious work I had to do and yet he repaid me with his bastard yells.

I was following the usual and proper procedure to check the projectors for damages. When I tried to plug in the VGA cable to the PC to check for the display colours, he started barking that I was too thorough and that I was trying to make a fool of him.

He was simply doing nothing while I was doing the shit and yet he could be so mean and idiotic to pass such outrageous remarks in a very demanding and furious outbreak. It just seemed that he was trying to hide some damages so that he did not have to be responsible for them.

Since the corporation was such a fuck up one, which regulars (stupid sign-on people) ruled over the rest, it was useless to argue with him. Besides, this cheeky sucker just had a major exercise and was as shacked as a dog, too easily agitated that he might bite anytime.

I was prepared to inform Shep anytime, though nothing much could be done except for some quarrels which would tuck some durians into his asshole, just to appease our angers. However, since the I/C did not do anything, and even not boot up each laptops to check for harddisk crush or whatever fault, just in case the jerk would terrorise again, I decided to just leave it to him.

Quek called in time to check out and I told him of the problem. When Quek told me they had quarrelled before, I confirmed this freak had a terrible attitude problem.

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