Can’t find my buddies

Sunday, a disappointing day turned quite fruitful.

I had a list of more than twenty friends to gather. Each day, I strike off a few and till the last day I realised it was really pointless to try on. It was frustrating to have friends who played un-contactable game on the actual day.

There has been too much diversion of commitment. People get sick of the group they spent years with and they always look out for changes and freshies, except for me, who is always dwelling in the past.

One by one they drift off when they get involved in relationships, or when other friends become more valuable. The trend continues and gathering seems to be filled with boredom increasingly as days go by. It does not seem good. Work and studies are more important than any other thing to some and attitudes have played a big part too.

My camera went on strike and I had a hard morning fixing it, managed to squeeze out the photos but the first seven were damaged. The XD memory card ignored me after that. So, I took some time to continue, hoping someone would arrive early to meet up with Kailin who was already there, but she was all alone. I gave up an hour later and left home without the camera.

When I got more depressed for the overslept parties, I still decided to go in since Zhengfang and Evelyn had already arrived unexpectedly. I planned for the worst, to join Peh and his gang thick-skinnedly. However, when we reached Sunsetbay, I saw Sing Wei and Bianhong; suddenly I seemed to have so many friends there and it turned my mood better suddenly.

Bianhong had brought his second sister, Wanting, along but she could not recognise me anymore. It was so sad. She and her youngest sister, Wanying, used to like my companion so much when they still stayed at Bukit Purmei, which was near to my house.

Anyway, Zhengfang, Evelyn, Kailin, Bianhong and I started playing with Peh’s group. We had many leisure games and the weather was cool. After some time, I was asked to play in a team of strangers and I scored ace continuously and ended the game fast.

I finally got to kayak again and then I managed to overturn Zhengfang and Evelyn’s kayak thrice, whereas Zhengfang had his revenge once in the end. I joined Peh and his friends in the end when everyone had left but we did not play for long before going off.

We had Sakae Sushi for dinner. I took only a few plates since my dinner was already home and my wallet was almost empty. I was sleepy by evening time since I woke up at eight in the morning for hair cut and I had already been lacking of sleep for the whole week. I could not concentrate on their talks, especially when the topics were unknown to me.

So, I managed to survive a day without the camera. The day reflected badly on some friends and eventually I got more sensible and clearer over my future time allocation.

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