Chest pain

I woke up to feel weird that whenever I did a little extra deep breathing, my chest hurt.

It was supposed to be a good day for Firman was going to my place to attend a course and I was supposed to chill up with him, but I felt it was crucial to visit a doctor. Besides, my eyes and nose were doing me lots of irritation.

I was the second to be in the queue, reaching so early that even the registration counter was not opened yet. There was a weird uncle there who insisted on sitting on the third seat and asking me to take the first but I felt it was not nice. In the end, I took the seat “behind” his and became the fourth patient. However, I was still the patient of one of the doctors in the polyclinic.

I waited for more than an hour and the chest pain had recovered, but turned into breathing difficulty. I was surprised when the doctor spoke to me in Chinese, which was my actual intention. As usual, the fourth time I went to see for the same problem, I was told that I had allergy nose, which caused uncomfortably to my eyes as well. As for my chest pain, she said it could be due to inflammatory and definitely not heart problem.

In the midst of relating the histories of my problems, I forgot about my main worry, which was the cause of the chest pain. It could be due to depression caused by the unfair denial of participation in the inter-formation volleyball game; of course, it was not as serious as situations in television, but at least it really weakened my body so much.

As usual, the doctor said that my house should be kept very clean at all times and I could be very sensible to pets, and therefore they must be cleaned very often. As she was telling me all these, I decided it was useless for her to repeat them again for my house could never be clean unless I was not living with my family members and even the damn big rabbits’ cage was left right besides my working area now without attendance and my elder brother, the owner, gladly fuck care them without even feeding them.

Though I had gone there so early this time so that I could go home earlier, one of the medicine, which was the eyedrop, required me to go over to the hospital’s pharmacy to purchase. In the end, I was delayed.

The eyedrop “Opticrom” did my eyes more comfort; the nasal spray “Flixonase” was as irritating as the past when I used it; there were also these “Loratadine” tablets, which should be for flu. The great thing was that the spray caused over ten bucks and everything, including the consultation was for free.

I got just one day MC, which I believed again I would get three days if I were to visit the hospital instead. Polyclinic doctors are so weird that they believe patients can work with their eyes feeling irritated.

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