Chinese New Year 2006

The holidays of Chinese New Year were fast over and every year it seemed to be getting worse.

There were little contacts with my father’s side’s relatives and with the death of my grandma a few years back, there was no gathering at the Bedok house.

For the last two years, my uncle hosted invitations for everyone to gather at his house, thus I was still able to get some ang bao. My relatives didn’t care about the rational behind giving ang bao – to give blessing; and therefore I wouldn’t get any if I didn’t barge into them; unlike other people who would deliver to you no matter through how many hands.

As this year my uncle didn’t organise any gathering, my most important source of getting ang bao was gone. But eventually I saved a day.

I thought it was going to be a great holidays for me to buck up on my work but it was never as planned; nevertheless I was able to catch up with my friends.

Long weekends were never enough. I pushed myself too hard that I could never have enough rest to start off the days.

One thing weird about this New Year was that I received more greeting than my birthday.

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