Ending of good mood?

After dozing off early at nine plus for two hours for two continuous days, having more sleep than usual, I still felt tired throughout the days. It was bad to wake up just to miss the show “Shao Nian Zhang San Feng” as it was really a good show – at least to me.

Perhaps, it was because of the tedious exercise and workload in camp, body could no longer take it anymore. The muscle on my legs stitched and the weak injured knees tried to lay me down. I struggled with each step, not going to push work away like others.

Days were more peaceful than weeks ago. There were more smiles and laughers, and gathering of people even from the main office; there were jokes and even “WGC” (World Game Competition). Because 007 and the mad woman were not around there was this celebration mood.

It was quite a good day after visiting the E-Mart – the auntie gave Chen De and I a red packet each! The amount of money inside didn’t matter at all; there were so many people in the camp and we were the special ones. I loved the blessing, not even a red packet with a hundred dollars note could make me happier.

I was planted with a bomb. I didn’t know why the big shots would always come to my camp with the lousy theatrette; and I was placed in charge of the place for the Chief of Signals visit tomorrow. If the problematic sound system were to cock up, it would be hell. However, I always prefer to take part in grand event than do the usual boring and stupid stuffs in camp.

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