GESS Beach after so long

I felt itchiness all over my body. Even though there wasn’t much sunlight in the afternoon, I seemed to have gotten sunburn from the beach outing. It was a rare chance to be down there with my ex GESS juniors.

I was late for nearly an hour. I spent nearly half an hour to put on my contact lens for my small eyes and long eye-lashes which made it difficult. Then, I took them off since my right eye was feeling very uncomfortable. My mum bought breakfast home before I could step out of the house, thus causing more delays. I waited for a long time for any of the bus 145 and 80, and decided to take the train instead. I missed the train at TG Pagar and then another one at Outram, which further caused the lateness. Luck wasn’t with me.

Anyway, I was expecting them to take their breakfast and thus I needed not be on time. Huimin was late as well and John was even later than me. It was then I realised Sichun and Junrong weren’t going.

Khong Wee told me story about the current secondary four juniors who didn’t care about training and made Khong Wee and Huimin go down for nothing thrice. I realised they were a batch of idiots who cried crocodile tears in front of Mr Ng’s corpse a year back, promising him that they would do their best in the game.

I couldn’t really remember their faces but I had been always wishing to get attached out of camp and spend some time to help them, which I was wrong all these while. They deserved to be thrashed and whacked hard on the faces by opponents’ spiking, that their spectacles smashed, eyes swollen and nose bleed and I would give a good laugh if that ever happened.

I finally collected back my Islander card. The news that there wasn’t anymore beach line turned me off. We took the blue line to the beach car park and transited to the beach tram. The place was very well renovated but it was going to be constructed so grand that it didn’t seem like a beach anymore.

Andy was working there and thus I needed not pay for the fee. I didn’t mind forking the money out since it was quite a rare outing, but of course it was good to save my five bucks.

I used so little energy in the games since I hadn’t recovered from my chest discomfort, backaches and when playing against girls I had this phobia from playing at Clementi ITE with the bitch’s cursing when I did my spiking hard.

Our main challengers had this act “stylo” manner, quite friendly, but I didn’t really like. The bad thing was that the guys and girls were kind of being separated into two groups for the whole day. The drizzling rain spoiled some of the fun as well.

John’s team-mate was cute. I had fun crapping with the guys and looking at girls. Maybe it was due to the cold weather that we had less two bikini babes to look at, since Feng En and Huimin didn’t remove their tops; or maybe Huimin did it on purpose since I joked with her a few days ago that I finally had the chance to take photos with her in bikini.

Anyway, while playing two on two, John gave me enough running and diving to shack me out totally. At the later part of the games, together with my backache, I couldn’t offer enough help to tame down the opponents’ fames. Hungry men were weak men.

We left the place as early as five plus since it was still drizzling. Dinner was at Seah Lm food centre but the girls and guys were separated again and then we (the guys) left earlier.

It could be a better day if more people had turned up. We were missing Junrong, Sichun, Xavier and some others.

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