Instructors' Common Room

Though not many friends know the place, I still must mention that I love the room #3-1 in the training hub in camp.

Even though we had lots of shit out of that room, it gave me such a pleasant feeling.

The room, supposed to be Instructor Common Room, was loaned a few times to other units for keeping of equipments for events. There was once when one of us didn’t check the room before taking back, I went to clean it thoroughly by myself.

Then we were told to move extra equipments like sound mixers, racks and computers up to use it as a store room; so much trouble was initiated. After moving five tables from the sixth storey of the opposite building, we were told that the room must be ready for real function soon and we had to remove our stores from it, including of the new metal cupboards.

I love the emptiness, with just the five tables, ten chairs, a wireless internet connection hub, telephone point, server’s LAN point and computer. The room is also fully air-conditioned with two huge giants. Simplity is good.

We fixed up the computer and the internet connection worked. The LCD monitor was great. Before that, I even had a chance to play soccer with a cluster of papers after completion of our task to carry the tables over.

It could be the best place for us to slack, but however, going to be handed over officially to others.

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