Lessons – never taught in schools

It was a very busy day in camp, however it did not imply to most people. Well, it was a weird energy to start working since the early morning, having to pick up phone even before I could swallow my medicine. Some people could pretend nothing was happening around, sit back and enjoy, knowing someone else would do the job.

Other than the messy office, I wanted to finish up as many undone work as possible. So, I left for the theatrette without saying a word. Luckily, Yuqing joined me soon to fix up all the connections and move the furniture to the original room.

It was not the critical part for the day yet until the changing of the broken soft boards to consolidate them. The dust succeeded in decorating both Yuqing and I, even aided my eyes and nose irritation to provoke me.

Next was the disgusting fallen off soft boards soaked with rain and being dried up since weeks or months ago. The smell was devastating. We managed to clean up the place nicely.

I hated duty days but I could not help it. I was expecting to leave very late, however, being so lucky that the parade rehearsal ended early. After locking up the office, I went over to the main one and saw Quek there. It was not good to leave him alone there and so I hanged around and tried to psycho him to go home as well.

There were so many things he was doing that many of us had not seen. Even the head, 007, would never stay back just to do work that he could have allocated to us. Quek had done too much that had really bought over my support for him.

I offered to help him with a simple copying while he could do his research, however he was afraid that it would be tiring for me and he joined in the “fun” as well. We had a very long talk, which stretched till the break time at the vending machine. It was that night I visual so many of his ideas as well as tolerant and forgivingness. He had also enlightened me in many issues, such that I was able to see things brighter. I was amazed by his thinking, analysis and plans.

However, there was still something which I could not see to his thinking; I would never want to waste a cent for *** but he did not mind spending hundreds bucks so as to make his working place better. He loved to be alone as well sometimes, doing work at night and even drinking by himself. I ought to learn more from his independence. I was tired, but weirdly, able to absorb his words.

That night, he finally gave up after our long chat besides the spectrum. I waited for him to get changed and walked down the slope, up the stairs and crossed the road to get a packet of cigarette at the coffee shop. Then, he decided to relax himself by going for a drink near my place.

He gave me a lift to his house to get something and I got to see his twenty-one years old child. Then, we took another cab and he dropped me at my place.

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