Since the whatever-whatever-F is such a cock up corporation, my promotion is not spared as well.

I was first told that after six months upon completion of my course, I would be promoted to Corporal (CPL) rank; then I heard after a year of service, I would be promoted as well. So, I always thought I would be promoted four months ago.

I didn’t attend the last parade and then I was informed in the RO (routine order) that I was promoted to LCP (Lance Corporal).

I don’t know if it is a good or bad news. Good thing is that I’m not promoted to CPL immediately, or maybe not at all; however, it also means that I might be promoted to CPL in a few more months’ time – if they promote me to LCP only a few months later, they might not be able to promote me to CPL in time before I ORD.

I prefer LCP of course; even though I get a lower pay, I need not do guard duty as 2IC and most of all, I can ORD two months earlier at 31st July compared to 30th September.

Guard 2IC requires standing for the whole day during weekends and it is so tedious for every physically fit guy; as for me, with my injured knees, feet and back, it spells d-e-a-t-h.

Ganasan, Kenneth, Ah Seng and Terry just got promoted to LCP a week ago. We are the batch being neglected by the administration side when the batches after us are already promoted.

I don’t care about the disgrace; I don’t care if diplomat and degree holders are supposed to be promoted to CPL. I just want to leave the place earlier so that my youth will not be wasted and I will not undergoing more disgrace, disappointment and doubt of integrity.

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