Rabbits for adoption

I’m giving away the black and white rabbits at my house. My elder brother bought them for hundred over bucks because of his ex-girlfriend. Therefore, my mum names the black one after this girl Joanna and the while one Yiting (my brother’s first ex).

We used to put the cage outside at the corridor but our dearest neighbours complained that their old dog fell sick because of the rabbits and then soon the Ministry of Health came to give us warning.

As of now, my elder brother has chunked them in the living room besides my work station and he rarely bothers about them. He does not even feed them or replenish their water. The rest of us are doing the job daily for him instead. My mum even feeds them with junk food instead of the grass, which my brother has not stocked up enough.

As my health problem arouses my allergy nose probably, it is not good to get in touch too much with fury pets, especially those who are not cleaned often.

Both of the female rabbits are really close to each other. They look cute but I hardly play with them since they are afraid of human and it is not fun this way. I still prefer a dog, of course one who does not drop so much fur.

Rabbits are so cute and therefore you should adopt them!

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