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As expected, the weekends were hectic; instead of getting more rest, I shagged myself out even more.

Last Friday was the Signal forty years anniversary parade and luckily we could leave at eight plus in the night, unlike trainees and regulars. However, hours of time was wasted at the beginning of the weekends.

Saturday morning, I pushed myself to wake up for the outing at ECP (East Coast Park). After messaging everyone, I predicted almost all of them would be late since none replied me. I was five minutes early at the MacDonalds’ and then I occupied one of the cubicles inside the toilet.

I received messages from some of them claiming that they would be late. Since Raymond and Sam did not reply my previous message, I called them directly and realised they were still asleep. Kailin arrived the earliest, followed by Kian Wee. Next were Gilbert and Bryan who had miscommunication on meeting up. I was surprised when Sam arrived as I thought he would be sleeping all the way since he had already overslept.

As to apologise, Gilbert insisted in treating Kailin and I to breakfast before we began our day of excitements. I was glad Kailin could mix around very well with them, as each of them was so funny and gentlemanly and indeed my worthy and heavenly blessed best friends in camp.

We rented the six bikes at the price of thirty bucks. We rode towards the chalets’ side, sometimes in great speed while sometimes paddling like tortoises. It was Bryan’s idea to join two bikes together by having a holding another person’s handler with the nearer hand. We fell off to the side when our speeds were of a greater difference. I did not realise there was some cuts underneath my socks as there was no pain at first. Basically, Bryan was totally fine but I felt a knock at the underneath side of my arm.

Soon, Sam took up the challenge of doing the same stun. It was a few seconds’ time when they started to fall apart again. Sam hurt his legs badly with the cuts and it was bloody. I took the chance to play around with my camera. We had a long rest before we went to the Safra chalet to get some medication for his legs. Bryan became a nurse for the day.

It took us around forty minutes to cycle back to the bicycle shop and I was already expecting to be late since before heading back. We spent two hours instead of the given one and a half hour but luckily the shop keeper did not demand us to pay extra money. Sam left first for his Japanese lesson.

The rest of us went to Parkway Parade shopping centre to wait for Raymond who was late again even though he stayed so near. We went to the Ichiban sushi restaurant and I had problems selecting the food since I rarely took Japanese food. In the end, I ordered Udong Sushi set, which was not very nice as I did not really know how to appreciate it. Lunch was supposedly on Raymond for being extremely late but we forked out ten bucks each except for Kailin whom he refused to collect from.

After that, Raymond left for his church, which surprised me as I was expecting him to be free the whole day. We went to the arcade and had a very exciting game there. After that, we spent quite some time at Giant. Bryan upgraded his gym equipment inventory in the first storey.

It was around five when we were leaving. It was too early for Gilbert to go to the airport to fetch his brother but it was better to join us on the way to Paya Lebar MRT. He refused. Sitting alone at the bus-stop like a lost kid, he made us feel bad.

I had a big problem deciding whether to go home to get changed first before meeting Sam as it was getting late. He called me and we met up at Raffles’ Place MRT and then he accompanied me home. After bathing, we went to Marina Square’s food court for dinner.

I told him to get his food first since he complained hungry. Then I went to the Chinese stall to get chicken cutlet with fried rice. The uncle kept repeating his words, vowing to return the money if the food was not nice, which was quite irritating. Anyway, I took a long time to get back and Sam was waiting for me. I was shocked by how well-mannered he could be. Anyway, my rice was quite tasteless. He treated me drinks and then we shared a popian.

Tickets were fast selling and it was full house before we reached the ticket booth. It was difficult to contact Raymond and he refused to say what he was doing. In the end, we went to Suntec City and managed to buy the tickets at the left side of the first row for the show Munich. Raymond was late.

Sam and I regretted watching it that night as we could have gotten tickets for the next week. I had big problem staying focused even though the show was very nice. The lack of sleep combined with my eyes irritation made me doze off so many times. It was extremely tiring to watch the show at that angle as well. Raymond seemed to give up waking me at the last hour.

It was a three hours show and I woke up to give some cursing as I could have finished watching it if it was not such a long one. Anyway, I missed my last train, but I was not worried at all since I could have walked home. In the end, I took bus 145 home.

It was really a good day, with the companion of friends – really good friends.

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