Saturday in camp

It was an unusual feeling going back to camp alone on a Saturday. I didn’t mind sacrificing if everyone were to put in efforts to contribute as well.

Suddenly I had this thought that since nothing was fair in this world, why I was still so determined to bring everything at least close to perfection. For my perseverance, I had brought my entire life of suffer. Because my capability was a shallow threat, the failures managed to sustain me in agony.

There was this phobia and injustice that hesitated me, from the past when I was fooled to go back and got nothing in return; while the rest gave excuses that they were not free and never were they.

I was lucky that Warrant Ang was the duty officer who passed the keys to me without creating nuisance; unlike some other officers who would most probably be drunk by the morning. It was a very peaceful day though at times I almost dozed off while surfing the net. I managed to book out at around 1030h after the lesson had ended.

I would have visited the polyclinic again if I could, but since time did not permit, I went home straight away and then got into a deep sleep. My eyes were the culprit, giving me irritation that could never keep me sane. I lost conscious over and over again, and thus the whole Saturday was wasted.

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