She's a babe

I have a good plan for webmasters to bring in huge traffic, which would most probably attract undesirable visits as well. With the current hot issue in Singapore, you just need to include “N-Y-P” in your website or even blog, and your site would definitely get extra thousands of hits per day.

Sadly, the girl is so sweet and cute looking and it is going to leave her a life long of regrets. Definitely nobody would know the exact story behind it but seriously some girls can do stupid things so that their boyfriends do not break up with them. This threat is too stupid. If this rate goes on, all the innocent girls would definitely change for the worse at an earlier stage of life.

It is always the case of “you can do anything, but just don’t get caught”. Let’s just pray hard that someone will not be expelled from school. Her boyfriend is a lucky ass.

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