Strolling alone

It was my busiest Chinese New Year Eve ever. I got home near 5pm and then tried to contact everyone for outing at night, clear all my emails and read up all my friends’ updated blogs. I almost forgot my haircut appointment at 6pm. I nodded at least thrice but luckily nothing went wrong with my hair.

After bathing, I started to do spring cleaning. Crazy it might sound like but it was the fact, on the very last moment just before the reunion dinner when my two brothers were enjoying their sleep. Alone, I made it happen, such that the living room was so much better than before (lasted for less than a night only).

I was waiting for Guoxin to come and weirdly there was no news from him. I started my reunion dinner near 9pm and he finally called when he was already at Buona Vista MRT. So, I quickly took up my first round of BBQ food and left them on the bowl to turn cold (better than being overcooked).

I brought him home and left him inside the room to burn the “仙剑奇侠传” show into CD. He was so lucky that the burner worked. I quickly took my dinner but he hadn’t finished the task; and he left the remaining job to me. Together, we left for Cityhall to meet the rest.

Kailin was the earliest, who almost had a heart-attack as I was still at home at the meeting time, but eventually I was only late for around fifteen minutes. My ou xiang (idol), Peifeng, arrived with her cousin and then followed by Siew Chin (人妖) who brought my “girlfriend” along. Together, we went to the River Ang Bao to look for Tze Khit and his mum.

We took many photos. Tze Khit’s mum was so funny that she posed looking at the other side when we asked her and Tze Khit to have a shot together. Though many friends did not go, I was still quite lucky to have the ratio of number boys to girls at 1:2 before Anqi arrived.

The vending machines sold drinks at two bucks per can, which was insane (similar to stalls at Haw Par Villa and Sentosa). The stalls were quite boring since they sold items almost the same as the previous years.

Anqi reached before twelve but she could not find us. As the fireworks started, I tried to shoot video; Olympus C-750 was not a good camera for video filming since the sound detector was not good. (Can get the video clip from me)

In the search of us, she went to Fullerton hotel and enjoyed the seats there comfortably and almost didn’t want to leave. We managed to persuade her to get her butts off and come over. By the time she found us, ou xiang and her cousin, Tze Khit and his mum had left. I met Sergeant Kenny and insisted him to take a photo with me.

We continued to tour around and buy some stuffs to eat. Then, we slacked by the roadside besides a foundation which wasn’t in operation. It was after two that they decided to go home. They took night riders and as for Kailin, she was lucky that her family member came to pick her up. I walked to the main road, walked towards Chinatown alone.

Chinatown was still quick packed at three in the morning. The floors were sticky but I continued to finish combing almost the whole place. After which, I called my mum and joined them up and left at around four.

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