Survey 080206

Ever really cried your heart out?: never
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: maybe
Ever cried on your friend’s shoulder?: no
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: maybe
Do you cry when you get an injury?: no
Do certain songs make you cry?: maybe

Are you a happy person?: not sure
What can make you happy?: take photos with babes
Do you wish you were happier?: no
Is being happy overrated?: maybe
Can music make you happy?: maybe

How many times have you had your heart broken?: 10++
Have you ever loved someone so much that you’d die for them?: yes
Has anyone besides your friends and family ever said ‘i love you’ to you?: liars?

Who do you actually hate?: cruelty and realistic of life
Ever made a hit list?: no
Have you ever been on a hit list?: definitely
Are you a mean bully?: perhaps
Do you hate George Bush?: no

Is your self-esteem extremely low?: never
Do you believe in yourself?: no
Are you good looking, do you deny you are?: ugly
do you wish you can be someone else?: maybe

[] done crack.
[] done opium.
[] done PCP.
[] done prescription narcotics for recreational purposes.
[] huffed air-duster.
[] been to a rave.
[x] ridden in a taxi.
[] jumped a ramp with a bike.
[x] been dumped.
[x] been used.
[] shoplifted
[] ran from the cops.
[] been in a room of your school that you could get suspended for being in
[] been fired
[] snuck into a movie.
[x] been in a fist fight.
[] got hit by a car
[x] fired a real gun.
[] snuck out of the house.
[] been arrested.
[] gone in a mosh pit.
[] stolen something from your school.
[] Celebrated New Year’s in Times Square.
[x] Gone on a blind date.
[x] Lied to a friend.
[] had a crush on a teacher
[] celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans.
[] been to Europe.
[] been to Australia
[] been to Hawaii
[x] skipped school.
[x] thrown up from drinking.
[] played ‘clue’.
[x] had a sleepover.
[] gone ice skating.
[x] been cheated on.
[] had your tonsils out.
[] have a car.
[x] driven a car.
[] Totaled a car.
[] flashed someone
[] been flashed

DO YOU.. (right now)
[] feel loved.
[x] feel lonely.
[] feel happy.
[x] hate yourself.
[] have a dog.
[x] sing along with your music.
[] Dance around your room in your underwear.
[] listen to Hawaiian Music.
[x] listen to rock
[] listen to punk
[] listen to hip hop
[] listen to rap.
[] listen to country.
[] listen to reggae.
[] listen to techno.
[] listen to hardcore.
[x] listen to pop.
[x] listen to r&b.
[] listen to jazz.
[] listen to indie
[] listen to christian music
[] listen to bands that can’t be put into a category.
[x] have hobbies
[] skateboard.
[x] Get good grades.
[] play an instrument
[x] have slippers.
[] wear boxers.
[] wear eyeliner.
[x] like the color blue.
[] like the color pink.
[] like the color red
[] like the color green
[x] like the color black
[] like the color purple
[x] like neon colors
[x] like to read
[x] like to write.
[] have long hair.
[] have medium length hair.
[x] have short hair.
[x] have a laptop.
[] have a pager.
[x] have a cellphone

[x] bored.
[] happy.
[] upset
[] Hawaiian
[] brunette
[] a redhead
[] Samoan.
[] Philipino.
[] Korean.
[] French
[] American
[] Italian
[] Black.
[] Mexican.
[x] Asian
[] a Christian
[] a Muslim
[] Polish
[] Irish
[] German
[] Austrian
[] Other.
[] Russian
[] Norwegian
[] No clue.
[] a Hindu
[] a scientologist
[] agnostic
[] satanist
[] religiously confused
[x] short.
[] average
[] tall.
[x] realistic
[x] an emotional kid.
[] talking to someone.
[] IMing someone.
[] scared to die.
[] buzzed
[] high
[] caffeinated
[] annoyed.
[x] hungry.
[x] thirsty.
[] on the phone.
[] in your room.
[] drinking something.
[] eating something.
[] tickilish
[] listening to music

What is your current hair color?: black
Whats your natural color?: black
What color are your eyes?: black
Current Piercings?: cock
Straight Hair or Curly: straight

What shirt are you wearing?: none
Shorts: yea yea
Shoes?: nope
Underwear?: yea yea
Necklaces: no

Rock or rap: Rock
Coffee or Hot Cocoa: Hot Cocoa
Wild Night out or Romantic Night: romantic
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Hummer or Sports Car: sports car
Bracelet or Necklace: necklace
History or Science: history
Sleep in or Early to rise: sleep in
Beach or Boardwalk: beach
Hoodie or Tee Shirt: tee shirt
Night or Day: night
High School or college: college
California or Florida: don’t know
Simple Plan or Good Charlotte: neither
Love at first sight or Learn to Love: any

Kissed the same Sex?: no
Hugged someone?: yes
Been on the phone until the sun came up?: yes
Put a song on repeat for more than an hour?: yes
Laughed so hard you peed in your pants?: no
Got in a fight with someone?: yes

person you talked to in person?: mum
person you talked to online?: gilbird
person you talked to on the phone?: forget which ass
drink?: milk
laugh?: real or fake?
last time you had a shower?: not long ago
Do you like surveys: do you love me?
What kind of shampoo do you use?: forgot
Do you get along with your parents?: depends
Are you old enough to vote?: yes
Do you have mental breakdowns?: depends
Did you ever tell your parents you didn’t feel good so you didn’t have to go to school?: yes

-Current Mood: confused, lost
-Current Music: none
-current hair: bold
-Current Annoyance: ??
-Current Longing: ORD
-Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing: SLEEP
-Current Windows Open: notepad, internet explorer, microsoft word, picture folder, adobe photoshop, mozilla firefox
-Current desktop picture?: wall paper of pictures taken during chinese new year eve
-Current Favorite Music Artist?: too many
-Current Book: none
-Current CD in stereo: none

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