The tiredness

I’ve been working very hard for the past two days in the shitty camp. However, to compare both of the days, I find the first day with only Kwang Han and I inside the office more worthy. It may be weird to everyone why I would choose over a day with only two man-strength over a day with five,

Hereby I empathise again – it’s the people who make the place. I prefer working harder with people who strive together, unselfishly, than working lazily with people who skip around; and definitely not working like a bull while others slack like pigs or kings.

One thing I don’t understand is that why some human beings can be so self-thought that they push most of the jobs to the newbie instead of setting good examples. But somehow I know the logic that if the rest try to be fair to themselves by slacking ultimately as well, everyone is going to be doom. Life is always unfair but no one is forever a pushover and benevolent does not mean ignorant.

I was so tired that I dozed off just now and missed my favourite channel 8 show – “Shao Nian Zhang San Feng”. Somehow I got pissed with myself and felt too lost to do anything.

Nothing was done, except the uploading of the three photos into the journal entry of the GESS volleyball beach outing. It could be done a day ago but Blogspot was too lagging for the processing. Anyway, I was so lazy that no editing was done to the photos and I didn’t even bother to upload more. I didn’t even have time to edit and upload those photos taken at Rehan’s house.

These days, I wasn’t very resourceful during travelling as well. I took out the book but my brain was too tired to execute anything with the pen. I was trying to finish up a short love story with the last two chapters but something was stopping me from putting down my thoughts into the papers. It was going to be tough if I didn’t complete it soon because of my short term memory. I had even forgotten the title which I always wanted it to be in the past few months.

The tiredness is suppressing my brain from coming out with quality language such that my writing, including journals, is making sense. It would be over soon, I hope.

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