The TRMS Christmas outing

Chua was a freak. He SMSed me at two plus yesterday morning to ask if I had given 007 the photos taken at Rehan’s house. I didn’t expect he still remember after so long and I thought it was all settled.

I answered him “yes” with a “goodnight” immediately but suddenly I remembered I had passed him the CD the day he came to camp to collect his pink I/C (identification card) and told him to do it on my behalf since I didn’t want to see 007.

For now it would depend on my mood to do 007 the favour. He is on long leave for his new born child and recently work has been a hectic in camp, which he will never realise the effort my team has been putting in (of course not everyone). Recently he has been smiling a lot and sound friendly but I realise our backs are always bleeding, so, I really have to consider wasting my time for him; unless if he asks me in person, I might be too soft to be mean.

Anyway, I haven’t updated on the outing on 23rd December 2005, due to time constraint. I keep dragging it as more things pile up as there are just too many things to work on; and since I’ve been quite anti-social for the past few years, it also increases the unspoken thoughts in mind. Inspiration can be gone very soon, and therefore sometimes I just allow stories of events to be delayed.

This outing was one of the greatest I had in my one year plus of army life; it was so because we could officially skip a day of camp life. Although not the entire group of people are very welcoming, almost all are my good buddies in camp. I didn’t know how much budget the camp had given, but it wasn’t the money that counts.

Meeting at Commonwealth MRT, quite a number of them were late and expected. It took us a long walk before we reached there, a condominium with badminton and tennis courts, as well as two small swimming pools.

We had only around an hour of time to use the facilities before lunch and I tried playing tennis for the first time in my life. I realised I was more suited to play golf. While some of them were playing badminton, the shuttle cock got struck at the branches and they had fun trying to get it down.

Chua and I decided to go for a swim and too bad none of them wanted to join us except for Shep’s son – Joshua. Since he was looking for swimming companion earlier on, I called Chen De who was at the house and he was brought down. This boy was very cute and started to abuse Chua who almost got angry with all the violent kicking and punching. To me, it was really a fun period of time.

We took many photos and then went up for lunch and Rehan’s maid made it a splendid one and everyone was filled to gain extra weights. We had spaghetti, salad, mushroom soup, Sri Lanka fruit juice, pizza and some other food. The best attract was the massaging chair which gave an almost total body massage. Everyone didn’t want to get up and I didn’t mind going there again for the massage, especially after a tiring swim.

In the gift exchange, I got back a useless large pen which I didn’t mind throwing away. It was so super duper useless and uninteresting for a mature adult like me. However, I was surprised by 007 who gave each of us a present, which was a t-shirt.

Since there wasn’t any plan for the afternoon or evening, I stayed there even though we were officially “dismissed” after lunch. It started to rain as well but soon began to drizzle. In the end, Rehan drove some of us in his Jeep to Commonwealth MRT and that was the last err of our outing.

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