Theatrette chaos

It was an unusual morning. I had to take charge of the theatrette, without going for the parade as a promise to Shep.

I got all it confused since I didn’t know what event it was, but Shep sounded it like quite a major one. I thought it was for Chief of Army visit or whatever but I was calm since I had it all prepared the day before. It turned out to be a minor one, and was a bit cock-up – not my part. I had fun crapping with the pregnant SGT Claire (should be) who was the emcee as usual.

In the early afternoon, I was waiting for call for the commander’s dialogue event in the theatrette. I did not know if Shep mean this since it was much more major. It was time to wake up my sleepy head indeed.

I raced to lunch with the usual people. The cookhouse area was minimised to half and I didn’t want to eat without a table and chair; it was not a good idea to use the space for exhibition but anyway it was half way done. After lunch, I went up to the TRMS office with Gilbert and he was kind of being taken granted of his softness; the black outcast spilled nonsense again. It was all about a big bag of rubbish (old papers) and even though bird was not the one who junked it there, we decided to just clear it as to solve this minor problem. However, I hurt my back even more somehow.

Anyway, we were supposed to carry five tables from the accommodation block and we had dragged it for two days due to bad weather and lack of man-power. It wasn’t an easy task to carry them down from the sixth storey without a lift and then move them up to the third level of our main building after a distance.

We managed to gather five persons but they were reluctant to set off in the drizzling rain. I set off first for a good purpose and met Zongyi and Zhang Han at the first storey. There were too many nice people around and I knew there were certainly some walking around. Together we struggled with enthusiasm.

Back at the theatrette after satisfied with the moving of tables, Kwang Han, Yuqing and I had some craps there. Claire would certainly change her mind and realise Yuqing was actually more childish than me. I found it weird since no coordinator had come and I didn’t know what were needed. Soon as more big shots arrived, the theatrette got so filled that we had to move chairs out from two exam rooms. It was a total mess.

My biggest boss, the three crabs, started the talk and I realised the main purpose of the day was just briefing for the anniversary. Everything was smooth except for the crowd inside my control room, and it was very uncomfortable with all the Captains behind me.

They took a break and then the person who attended to the computer told me that the wireless microphone could not work. He looked like a low ranking soldier and I was surprised to see the two “chocolate bars” on his shoulders. He came up and I realised all the batteries were dried. Chief of Signals was just down there and started talking without any microphone.

When the first session was over, he tried to get one of the cabled microphones but there was no sound. Then, I realised someone had switched it off. Luckily that was the end of the cock-up.

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