Tired Sunday

I slept throughout the whole morning and then the afternoon. Although I had woke up a few times, even to take my breakfast, I didn’t spend too much time not lying down.
Blogspot was down and then I redirected my domain (http://sillydumb.com) to my website instead of the journal page (http://sillydumb.blogspot.com). It was my itchy hands to try to change the DNS host name of my domain to Irwin’s webhost, which caused the down of the domain. I didn’t know how long it would take to be up again.
I failed to do what I wanted afterall. Currently, my domain was used as redirection only and my intention was to point it directly to the website, so that it will not take an extra step from the domain name to the actual URL. I wasn’t good at such stuffs anyway.
The day wasn’t fruitful as the down of my domain name had implanted the “sian-ness” in my brain. Basically, nothing was done, except for the new picture I edited out of the photos taken during the Chinese New Year Eve, which I uploaded into my Friendster account (previously http://www.friendster.com/profiles/sillydumb). I had not even added a caption.
The thing that had captivated most of my attention was of course the television, which greatly distracted me. My mum was the culprit who left it since the afternoon. I had tried so hard not to get addicted to more serial shows but it didn’t get to my head on this strengthless day. I even got a headache out of no where for a short period.
The good news was that Mingfa and Andy’s team got champion in the Surf and Sweat game. Since I wasn’t participating or refereeing, I didn’t go down. Maybe I should have joined them at the beach as well to further tire myself out.

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