Ultra Sound scan

Yesterday was a bad day because I missed my lunch. It was an awesome one with french fries, eggs, hash brown and mushroom soup, which I had waited so long for. The cookhouse always had dishes which did not fit everyone’s appetite, but they were for free anyway.

Since I had to go for medical check-up in the afternoon, I had to leave my stomach empty since morning. The worst thing was that I still had to scan my card and collect the food, forcing my eyes to stare at the wonderful food and my nose to sniff at them as well. I shared the food with Hong Kiat and Yuan-Le-Bu-Neng-Na, and threw the remaining away.

I left camp with my rumbling stomach, dragging myself home to get changed before taking a tiring stroll towards Singapore General Hospital. It was a short distance to me, but ever since enlisted, my injuries had imposed a penalty in my mind.

Being a responsible patient, I was early as usual, and yet I had to wait more than half an hour for my name to be called. It took another fifteen to twenty minutes after I changed into the quite styled gown to get into the actual scanning room. Finally, I realised I was going to do Ultra Sound.

Some jelly was applied on my body before the instrument came into contact. I had to breath in and out as instructed, and sometimes to hold my breathe. Finally I was asked where exactly I was feeling uncomfortable at but the question came too late; a freezing man could not think much and only care for where his hunger strikes most at.

But due to the fact that I had been taking my dinner quite early for the past few months, there was less relapse of the gastric attack. I had forgotten about the area in the middle of my chest where I experienced stitches.

Anyway it seemed like all the scanned parts were quite normal.

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