We learned something new

I was all wet through and the water had even soaked into my underwear. It was quite fun to be in the rain but not on a Thursday when I still had to wear my uniform the next day. It was just about the thought of not wanting my mum to wash an extra pairs of clothes.

The worst thing was when my boots were invaded by water as well and such that it might not be dried over the night. It was the case of my field camp when I didn’t change my boots and my feet often got sharp pains whenever they had contact with the floor – I was so afraid the condition might be worsened.

There was a sudden call for the sound system to be set up in the multi-purpose hall. Although it was ridiculously rush, Kwang Han, Yuqing and I managed to do it with the help of Minjoot when one of the two speakers we brought was spoiled. We stayed there to take care of the equipments, having good chats as well as craps. Quek joined us in the late afternoon and accompanied us till the rehearsal was over.

After going back to the office, Kwang Han decided to stay behind just to play game with Sem Chi. Yuqing and I quickly went to check his car’s tyre and realised it was really inflated. So, we decided to replace it with his spare tyre. Quek arrived too and we started cracking, but it was not easy for three skinny first-timers to get the job done.

We didn’t even know which way we should turn the nuts on the wheel and soon it started to rain. Upon seeing it was impossible, we sought help from the MT-line but none of them came as promised after a long time. Sandy Khong shouted from across the building to Quek and then he came over to join us.

It was then we realised we should have removed the nuts before jacking up the car. Sandy gave some lecture while he continued with removing of the nuts, using his body weight. Though his words were not pleasing to the ears but they sounded funny. He was a kind guy afterall. I finally witnessed how to change a car tyre.

As everything was done, the rain stopped. I managed to squeeze some pools of water out from my uniform. Before we set off, Kwang Han and Sem Chi had come down.

We concluded that at the end of the day, a big lesson was learnt – playing game was the correct choice.

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