What a night

I’m having a gastric pain not because I’m hungry. The lime juice must have caused the acidic gas in my stomach again. Damn the SGH specialist who told me it might not be gastric problem and thus I thought I could continue drinking my favourite lime juice.

I’m facing a bowl of rice now and I have to finish them when I’m not feeling terrible, so as to prevent my mum from nagging in a very very piercing manner, in a way which is thousand times worse than scolding. I will never tell my mum I will be home for dinner until the day itself; how I know Sam will ask me out for a movie and dinner?

I’m typing with the television on when I really hate noise now. It is tearing my brain apart. I do not want to see any show even when there are babes inside, not even if they were to strip themselves naked.

I’m having such irritating eyes tiredness, which the doctors in polyclinic fail to solve after four times of visiting. I’m having them red, with the blood vessels appearing.

I’m sending Pauline a file with such a low transfer rate. It has been so many days that my brother’s computer is dealing with such damn freaking big transaction of files and hell I know why his computer is always having the upperhand and holds priority to the bandwidth.

I’m blasted with problems now. The memory card just refuses to show anything except to indicate it has to be formatted. The pictures to all the happy hours are kept inside and I cannot do anything now. How am I going to answer to everyone else? How am I going to stop their disappointments? How am I going to ease the pain in my heart?

What a night.

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