Yearly reunion dinner

I was so outdated and pathetic that I had not heard of Cafe Cartel until last Friday; I could not care more for restaurants that sell food at higher price than normal food court.

It was supposed to be a big gathering for BMCC players to have steamboat or barbecue together as suggested by Tze Khit, who claimed that we had it every year. It might be a mistake to help him contact some of the people whereas we could not confirm the date and time; there was miscommunication.

The main problem was that most people already had their own events, that coordinating was an extremely tedious job especially when some people did not even reply instantly. We were actually settling for Friday but made to postpone it to Saturday since some of them had to work until quite late.

I had this intuition that it was better to call off this outing but Tze Khit was very enthusiastic about it. Both he and Weitat were given five or ten days OFF after getting champion for 3DIV in the inter-formation game. He did not want to waste his last weekend of his long holidays before booking in.

I did not love steamboat at Marina South that much, but for the sake of gathering, I could sacrifice even when I was having sore throat and cough.

There were requests for the outing to be commerce on Friday instead but I was not sure which was the better day where there would be more people. I asked Tze Khit on that Friday’s noon and he didn’t give any reply until I called him in the late afternoon when the actual meeting time was drawing near. I realised it was changed back to that day from Saturday and I had to rush home.

Since Kachua worked at Keppel Tower and he needed some helps, I took some extra paces to walk over and meet him there. He brought me up and then I realised I didn’t bring the correct card he wanted. I sat down there as he continued to fix the computers and soon I dozed off on the chair.

After half to an hour’s time, we went to meet his girlfriend and on the way the rest had changed the venue to Suntec City since we did not have many people. We met up at Cityhall and then they decided to dine at Cafe Cartel.

The eight of us had a long wait before we had our seats and then I realised we had to queue up to order food as well. Tze Khit took a model bun to play with and one of the waiters was so sharp to notice it on our tables before he took it away. It would be so embarrassed if that was a girl and thought we were fools. I ordered fish and chips as usual and realised the servicing was not that big.

After which, we hanged around outside and then crossed over to River Ang Bao. It was already quite late and then we rushed for the last train home.

It really could be a bigger gathering like in the past but we are missing out too many people. Everyone has gone to look for their own lives and priority is never been given to the group.

Man always grows up to realise what they really want; when will I ever wake up from the dream of the naive world?

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