Almost disabled

I could no longer endure on. Wednesday was the run out of camp and then we shifted the furniture in the office. I thought Thursday was finally the day for us to enjoy the little fruit we had harvested but we were tasked early in the morning. Gathering the five sets of computers were quite simple and the moving of two sets across was still bearable, until we were told to clear up the Publication store.

The store was “abandoned” long ago by the previous storemen. There were piles of unwanted papers and files, which needed to be cleared away. There were also plentiful of lunch boxes which I thought was very wasteful to be thrown away but perhaps good for hygienic purpose this way. There was also a big rat who had been housing himself inside.

We were facing this big problem of sorting out between unwanted and useful stuffs. Next was of course manpower’s issue, which we were given our own people who were not supposed to be carrying anything. As for me, the aches and pains at my back and knees told me to stop carrying anything but I still had to.

Half an hour before Chen De announced the stoppage of the work for the day, the aching at my back was almost unbearable. I could hardly move or adjust myself and I was sweating even upon resting. When everyone was ready to leave, I went back to the office and lay down on the floor. Sleepiness caught me.

I was almost a disabled person.

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