And then it drags on again

With so much hope, I brought them along to the hospital on Friday. I knew my MRI report was out already and I thought I was going to be downgraded soon, but I had never expected for the worse.

It was not that bad afterall, just that it was dragged again. The specialist was majored in bone problems and since it was not slip disc, but another thing (I seriously do not know the term) which was pressing on my nerve on the spine also, he referred me to another specialist after scheduling a two-month appointment for me.

As long as my problem could be cured, I did not mind all the troubles but time was running out soon. I could not have another long appointment as I would be out of army soon in about another half year. I also hoped to be downgraded before ORD.

So, the highest priority now is to find the problem to my six years of suffering with my back and solution to solve it, and same goes for my other injuries like the knees and feet. Next, I must be excused from all activities that would worsen my aching like range (can cost me a week of aching), guard duty (more problem to my foot) and carrying of heavy loads. I must get my rightful PES status I deserve – PES C at least.

Currently I have a medical certificate from the specialist to excuse range, guard duty and heavy loads. I hope the coward MO would buy it.

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