Beach and the dinner

Evelyn woke me up at around eleven for the beach. I was not in any mind to think but she knocked me up by saying that was her first invitation. On the account of my very old friend Zheng Fang as well, I had to go and so I dragged myself up.

I spent ten to twenty minutes to clear my emails and read my friends’ blogs. Breakfast was cornflake. Since it was actually not the only invitation, I was quite lost for the whole morning. Peh and Gilbert were going for KTV at eleven and my brother was going during the afternoon at Orchard; I really wished I could join all the three outings.

It was a usual route to Sunsetbay – taking train from Tanjong Pagar to Outram and transiting to Harbourfront, and next was taking shuttle bus into Sentosa and then transiting to Blue line bus and walking from the Beach car park.

Something really freaked me out was the “darkness” inside the shuttle bus into Sentosa. One weirdo from a big group sat besides me and kept sounding so childish, like as if he had lost his voice. He reminded me of those rituals that required summoning ghosts into bodies. I seriously believed he was an idiot until I heard him talk normal to his friends but changed back to his disgusting tone again. It was a very bad start of the day.

Luckily the beach was almost white and in fact there were more cuties than usual. I joined Zheng Fang and Evelyn with their friends. They all seemed so newbie that I could play very relaxingly; however, I injured my right middle finger with the punch near the net in order to save a ball.

I could have used knuckles instead but just too lazy to think suddenly. I did not expect it at all, forgetting that I had sprained the whole finger so badly at CCHSM (Chung Cheng High School Main) years ago and till now the finger was out of shape near the tips; the finger was thus weaker than before.

Though the weather was hot, I was not as tired as the rest; perhaps, I had immune to the sun since I had a swim just a day before. However, occasionally I felt depressed for I had not played with experts for quite long already and the last few beach outings certainly had dropped my skill more since I was playing without using brain.

Since my nerve on the finger was injured, I could not grab both hands properly for the pain and miscued a few times which I could not hit the ball towards left. It was embarrassing. We had a few games with some newbie and we lost the first set!

It became fun when we went for kayaking. Five of us tried to capsize each other’s kayak and after finishing them off, I accidentally overturned mine as well. I had many rounds of fun until I tried to help Sabrina to get up and she managed to play me with the help of Dawson (not sure of the spelling). Before I got to sit down, I was attacked again but I managed to get my revenge back.

We went into the NTUC chalet for our bathe. There were craps all the way until Harbourfront Centre, where we had our dinner at Long Men restaurant. There was a wedding dinner being conducted and I almost did not dare to step in with my shorts and slippers. It was a long walk into a room across the event, with awkwardness.

In future, I would never hold my wedding dinner there because there were too many people like us, who loved to wear ultimate causally around, even to restaurants. It was not good to let my guests see shorts and slippers.

We ordered so many dishes since it was a buffet. There were at least eighteen dishes and I was told that we had eaten at least eighty percent of the food in the list. I loved the salad and the black pepper crab (too bad I was already too full to eat more). The main topic during the dinner was focusing on one of their classmates, a fat egoist. I was laughing so badly that my stomach seemed to be exploding at the end of the dinner when I was hundred percent full.

It was a good meal with good people except the high bill at $27 each after ten percent discount.

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