BeachFiesta 06' and Ah Teck's 21st birthday

Last night, I came close to a fatal car accident. It was at a roundabout near Clementi where the driver failed to stop before entering with the incoming cars on the right. Being sloppy at the late hour, not noticing anything when I was dead beat, as well as being uncomfortably squeezed in the back seats, Tze Khit’s voice brought me to attention and I noticed our car get into the middle of two cars which were at great speeds. That was how lucky we were, because if the first car had travelled slower or the second car had travelled faster, we would be hit; that would be the end of lives for three yandaos, two chiobus and a freak (Weitat).

It was the day for Beach Fiesta 06′. Huiqin had registered two teams for us. Freak and Kamikaze were the team names, which the rest of us got to know only on the day itself. We met up at Seah Lm food centre, Harbourfront as usual. Kailin and I were the early birds, followed by Wilson who drove Mingfa along. The rest were all latecomers. We set off in two cars, comfortably into Sentosa, towards the beach carpark.

The sound system terribly sucked and it was then I started to appreciate the systems in my camp, which I had been handling. There was a beach hunks and babes competition, with the females having thick make-up, which was such a big turn-off; none was impressive except for the air they carried.

To begin off the game, there was a cock up made by Huiqin who forgot to add my name into the list and thus we were missing a shirt. As I anticipated, we should have put in six names instead of four or five since the amount paid was the same, that we could get extra shirts.

Having each game with a set of fifteen points to determine winner was absurd, but we were very confident to get into the next round, until we started to merry around and lose points ourselves when playing with a lousy team. Tze Khit would have bashed them up with his spiking if we were playing on a concrete court. However, the ex PHS team managed to thrash them down to one point (a serving mistake) and then we beat the winner; judged by point system, both able teams got into the next round.

However, we did not manage to survive through the next round to the semi-final. The opponents managed to scare Hengyung, the referee, to give us a demoralising judgement at the crucial time last few points. Our ex Clementi Town, Chung Cheng High Main and Nanyang Girls’ High star players were already rusty, whereas Desert Penguin and the injured shortie could not do anything as well. In fact, I did not play except for one and a half game, and luckily for that, I had less pains for the rest of the day.

The day was actually quite boring. The sun was spanking each of us so hard that we could not really think. It was also making my eyes more uncomfortable and the tears were continuously filling up my eyes. There was no eye-candy except for one of the organisers having a unique face though not pretty. One of them looked like Evania but I was too lazy and tired to try my luck. Pauline brought her two dogs down and they caught so much attention as usual. Mocha, the older dog, repeatedly barked at the huge regular black dog who did not give a damn to him and kept so quiet throughout; Hebe joined in too and her size was more than ten times smaller.

We ended the day early at five plus, showering at the open area as all the toilets were packed. We gathered at Harbourfront Centre while Wilson sent Pauline and her babies home after we alighted from his car. I had the Taiwan Shilin chicken cutlet, which I felt could have tasted better. We bought a watch for Yang Teck for his twenty-first birthday, before Tze Khit, Mingfa, Meijun, Weitat and I squeezed into Kailin’s car to set off for West Coast Park.

It was the first time I visited there before it was re-constructed. However, the construction was still going on somehow I supposed, with the fencing up of the most inner parts. The MacDonald’s’ was nearby to provide food and air-con. The playgrounds were such big attractions that there were so many people around even at late hours. It could be so much better if there was a bicycle shop and of course, would be the best and certainly better than East Coast Park if there was a beach. Despite these, it was a good idea to organise an outing at the West Coast Park one day.

I got to see Yang Teck and his twin brother at the same time, together with their elder brother. They were all tall and huge. There was a big crowd with all their friends and relatives. It was the first time I had my fill in a Barbecue session, when I normally hardly had a few slips of food.

While sending us to the MRT station, the accident incident happened. Tze Khit and I had some chats about my injuries on the train and I reached home around eleven.

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