Blackie strikes again

Last friday, into the main office…

Me: Where’s everyone?

Kuku: Oh they left for late lunch.

Me: Oh ya, you told me Joo Joo has key tags right?

Kuku: Yes, but they are for the STC building.

Me: (Damn.. that day he told me I could get them for my building, else I would have asked Joo Joo to indent some with the spared budget he annouced and now it’s too late to ask for it)

Me: Okay..

Kuku: But if you want, just tell me the number and I will ask Joo Joo to get them.

Me: I thought the budget was given to other departments already after the deadline he gave us?

Kuku: Don’t worry, Joo Joo has high power; he has the say to get anything. He has other funds.

Me: Okay then, help me to ask him okay? My building has many rooms’ key tags spoiled already.

Kuku: Okay, we will get those rubber ones… -Blahblahblah- … -Blah-.

Me: (Whatever. As long as I can get the key tags)

Kuku: The army will never give your Quek so much power because he’s always having fever.

Me: (Ya ya.. he means Quek is always “Chao keng”)

Me: Falling sick isn’t a crime right?

Kuku: I love Reuben Ow. He last time guided me when I first came here. -BLAHBLAHBLAH- But don’t know why he suddenly kept getting MC also.

Me: (So much bullshit.. how to get away from the conversation?)

KuKu: Did Quek go to your office yesterday?

Me: (Fuck.. what is he up to?)

Me: Oh ya, he went for course yesterday at STC

Kuku: BULLSHIT!! (very loudly)

Kuku: He left after the break. I wanted to learn it and that was why I stayed through the whole course until end of day.

Me: (So he’s just trying to shoot at Quek)

Me: But yesterday we were still calling him over the phone to settle stuffs over our side. He was able to know what equipments we had and then give instructions. Everything was done smoothly by him.

Kuku: But that doesn’t mean he can just do that.

Me: Okay, I got to go back already.

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