Can you not? – No

I believe in finishing tasks before merrying around, especially if superior is showing great kindness, appreciation or leniency.

Since human beings always have differ thoughts from one another, it is difficult to make understand.

“Can you all be more serious and professionalism in your work?” in a jokily tone.

And then here comes the reply…

“Can you don’t go for so many medical appointments?”

They do not rhythm.

If you have been working so hard that you over-exerted yourself and get injuries, is it wrong that you go for treatment?

To those who are selfish and brainless, you are enjoying yourself by leaving camp for the medical appointments. If only attending the appointments are going out to play, then you are blessed. Dream on.

Do you deserve it? Let your heart speak for yourself.

It is difficult to change others’ mindsets, until they experience things themselves. It does not really matter anymore when you are leaving the army soon; you have to get everything solved as soon as possible.

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