Flood you

Just as Edgar complained to me just now that I did not forward emails to him, I supposed some others were thinking alike.

I believe I have conveyed my message through my journals and even Friendster account to friends who are interested to receive those funny or interesting forwarded emails from me, to ask them to let me know. A recent entry few weeks back I have included as well; but so far, nobody has emailed me to express interest.

I have another list of contacts in my previous Yahoo email account, which I have emailed every single one of them to drop me a message to my Gmail account; very few have done so. My motive for doing so is to make sure the email accounts of my friends are still in usage, so that I do not receive many rebounded emails.

For those friends who has a very small storage space for their emails, please let me know so that I can send you an invitation to get a free Gmail account, which has allocation of more than 2.5 Gigabytes storage space.

My main purpose of forwarding emails is no other than to share the jokes around. I do filter off meaningless and dull ones, and even chain mails.

For friends who are interested, just drop me a message with your email address or send me an email directly; and I will add you when I’m free.

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