Hello, excuse me

So, the MO (medical officer) finally granted me excuse status. This new hamster-look-alike new guy who just arrived months ago to replace the previous MO could be so cocky and yet timid to give his patients their deserved helps.

The fame of medical slip from the specialist was powerful. Just simply a line of “please excuse range, guard duty and heavy loads” was enough to get the MO to give me a three-month status for all and in additional of excuse RMJ (Running, Jumping and Marching). I did not ask for the latter one and it was not good actually as I could not attend HLS (healthy lifestyle) run anymore to strengthen my legs.

I went to the Neuron Surgeon specialist on Monday but I had to wait for another month for the next appointment, whereas he told me he and his colleague would discuss over my condition first. During the examination, we seemed to have problems communicating with each other especially when he was testing the sensitivity of my feet. His main concern was the drop of “liquid” at the core (not very sure).

He was actually quite shocked to realise I was not downgraded yet. He could not give me any letter to downgrade me since my problems basically lay on the bones or muscle. He was expecting many MC and excuse status for me for the pains but surprised again that I was getting none.

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