Meet the twins

Friday was finally the meeting with the twins – Pretty Yun and Fatty Si. It had been a long time since I last saw them.

Both of them were shy especially for Peiyun, who kept asking Ah Si to accompany me to go somewhere else. We went for dinner at KFC and Peiyun insisted in returning me the treat she had owed me around three years ago. I was not used to it (girl’s treat) at all and that my actual intention was to give them a treat instead, I declined but she resorted in stuffing the money into my bag.

Since I went there right after booking out, the heavy bag which contained my uniform and boots together with my injuries shagged me out. My back was aching badly but I made it a point to maintain a strong front.

We went to the Giants as Ah Yun wanted to buy some food. I was surprised that she loved cooking and that she would certainly be a good wife in future. She was kind of chasing me away embarrassingly, in a sweet tone that I was quite confused by her. Later on, I found out that that was the first time she went shopping with a guy.

Both of them were unexpectedly sweet but Ah Si had developed a big waistline since they had stopped playing volleyball. They invited me to Jurong Birds Park to watch Ah Yun with her performance and they could smuggle me in somehow. Ah Yun also had tickets to the Singapore Zoological Garden.

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