My Taiwan bubble tea girl

A few days ago, I received an email for invitation to use Yahoo Messenger from my Taiwanese chiobu. I had tried it before and it was not as stable as MSN. Since most friends had long abandoned ICQ and Yahoo Messenger, I did not bother to use them again, apparently I had less problem of laggy system.

Yesterday, I decided to try the Yahoo Messenger out again and she appeared at night. This girl was the first and only (so far) girl whom I had approached to take photos with in the street, in a foreign country somemore. She was the bubble tea girl in the city of 斗六 (Dou Liu) in the central of Taiwan, but currently she had found a job at Taipei.

Chatting with her was tedious for she was not educated with English. Suddenly I realised I could not type the olden Chinese words, which she was using, but luckily she was able to figure out what I was typing. Although my Chinese standard had dropped so much, I was still able to understand her words as well.

It was great to be able to chat with her again after so long, after she got back her internet access in her new house. Somehow I was still regretful that I did not bring the Olympus C-750 along during the trip as Ben just could not produce effects that were satisfying enough.

With the cancellation of the current SOCC platoons’ Taiwan trip this year, I was not able to go there again, unless I were to pay for the ticket on my own. So, she made a request, probably a causal one, that if she ever comes to Singapore, I must be her tour guide; hopefully her boyfriend would not come along.

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