New LAN shop

Quek has this insane idea of revamping the office into a “LAN shop”. It is going to be very cool!

We did most of the shifting just now, after I kept hurrying them to start work. I was so excited because it would not only create a new ambience to improve moods, but also aid in clearing up the whole room especially to with the reduction of dust. Everyone was working hard with enthusiasm.

The good things about the new arrangement is such that the computers can be connected together to share the internet network. More computers will be shifted to the room and thus more people can be using them at the same time. The most crucial benefit is that there will be a higher chance of an available computer for real office work. (Usually the two computers will be occupied by them to play game or surf internet)

However, I foresee a worse working attitude in future when everyone is toying around. Who is there to work when everyone is heavily engrossed in their own games? The worst thing is when 007 goes into the office, I do not know what will happen.

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