Not even enough

My elder brother had finally sent the two rabbits away last Wednesday. He brought them back to the shop (his ex girlfriend’s workplace) where he bought them.

The living room is thus more spacious than before and I strongly believe my health condition will improve. Though it seems neater now, my working place is in fact looking more like a junk area.

There are too many things to settle. I have edited and uploaded some photos to the previous journal entries; I have updated the calendar with upcoming events. I’m still lagging of a few expired entries and other stories. Inspirations have been vanishing.

Ou Xiang’s website is still on pending, together with Xiuyi’s; I’m not sure what they really want and have gotten nothing from them yet except for a lengthy report. I cannot promise things which I do not have full confident in.

Forty-eight hours a day will not be enough.

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