Out of love again

Morning I could hardly wake myself up. I was supposed to update on my overdue journals but my alarm clocks lost to my lack of sleep.

Gilbert had informed me early in the morning that he would be late for fifteen minutes and thus I decided not to go so early. I could have still made it just nice to the 9am meeting at Chinese Garden MRT station when Kian Wee called me up suddenly to meet up first.

Just when my train was reaching Outram Park, Kian Wee called to inform me that he was walking up from the NEL. Reception was bad but it was not the main problem, at least it was better than the directionless Kian Wee (lousy SISPEC) asking me to alight immediately. So, I thought they were taking their own sweet time to stroll there but Kian Wee actually thought I was at Tiong Bahru and had boarded my train. In the end, we had to meet up at Redhill.

So, Kian Hwee, Kian Wee and I were late for around fifteen minutes. We met up with Reuben and Gilbert and proceeded to Jurong East Swimming Complex. There were crowds at the door and at first we thought we had to change our plan. Chua reached there soon and together we went in.

Our expected breakfast, KFC, turned our food desire down and that we had to give a shot at the canteen inside the complex instead. Two bucks for the entrance was somehow quite expensive. Kian Hwee got himself a box of “Chwee Chow Fun” and I quite like the idea as well until the auntie asked him to put all the sauces himself (how the hell we know how much to put?) and so, I took up the six pieces “Chwee Kueh”. Each box cost two bucks and the foods were awful, especially for the “Dao Pok”.

We rented a float to share. Kian Wee and Kian Hwee locked their locker without putting their slippers in but luckily I had not locked the one Chua and I were sharing. Then, we started at the Lazy Pool which was not so cold and after a few rounds, we went to the slides. Gilbert took the first shot at the blue slide and then we tried to get Chua up who refused. I took the second lead and up the stairs I saw a girl in blue swimming costume.

The day changed ever since. I was of a short distance behind her, looking at her back and trying to remain cool at the same time. Just as I thought she was a normal girl and most probably not much of quality as luck was always not on my side, she caught me insane. As we reached the top and a string divided us from the lifeguard who was just a few metres away, we were quite lost. I soon figured out we had to make a big round over and so I directed her.

She said “You first” in Chinese and my heart started to melt by her sweet voice. I replied the same and she repeated, swinging my heart like sitting in the pirate ship; nevertheless I was still able to remain calm. I was drifting under her smiles though I could not really see her face clearly without my spectacles. Maybe I was just addicted to girls who could smile that innocently and happily. I decided to be a gentleman and lead the way then.

Just as we reached the start point, I turned around to go first since she was actually queuing up before me. We recited the “you first” a few times and she did not know my heart had already liquefied and evaporated. Calm but lost, I told her to go first since I did not want her to hear my screaming later on. So insanely I spoke but managed to convey her to go first. Nonetheless, she used her smiles to attack me again and left me frozen at the top as she went out of my sight. When the lifeguard asked for my height and weight, I looked at the paper – she was 165cm and 55kg.

Down I went and then I started searching for my new girlfriend. Kian Wee took over the float and I saw her go up again. She was in front of him and thus I was a little disappointed when Kian Wee reached the water. But my perseverance to stay there was fruitful as she came down after a kid.

Just as I was still wondering whom she came with and whether she was attached, Kian Wee told me she was not pretty except for her figure was excellent. But it was all about her sweet voice that was mesmerising me and I had never even tried to look at her figure when we spoke, though it did arouse my interest even more. So, I took the next try but she did not go up again.

And then she was missing. I was totally distracted throughout the day. We moved on to the wave pool soon when the hourly waves were activated and I was hoping she would join in. I swam near the boundary line and kept looking back, but it almost seemed like I was losing her. I went back to the slides after some time to try out on the yellow one, which I had not played since so long ago; she was nowhere to be seen again.

It was until the last waves activation before we left, she seemed to be at the slides again. I was very shocked to see her again after the waves had ended. She was with a big sized guy and two little boys. I was totally lost about her age but I guessed that was her dad and two younger brothers. I had this strong urge to go forward to ask for her number but her dad was around. I wanted to hang around to look for chance but my gang wanted to leave already.

After bathing, I wrote a message and torn the page out from my old notebook. It was my last resort – I went to the uncle who was renting the floats and asked if her float was returned. He was quite confused until I explained to him but he denied to help me.

So, I left the place in disappointment. The tiredness and sleepiness aided in bringing me down too. Knowing that it was almost impossible to get to talk to her again, it was depressing. Though Singapore was small, it was not easy at all and even if I were to meet her on the street one day, I would not be able to recognise her.

We took bus 99 to IMM for lunch and there went my money again for the lemon chicken rice and later Durian Mt. Fuji (dessert). Actually it was quite well spent for the five bucks meal, which I actually let the plastic handler of the soup go into the burning fuel under the chicken. Chua was so funny that he kept digging my bowl of dessert after I invited him to join in. I was dead beat by then. We waited for the shuttle bus while I dozed off so many times and finally decided to stroll over to the MRT station instead.

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