Peh's first audition

I failed to revive the video clip taken when Peh was singing. The file size was there (28.6mb big) but it just could not work.

It was a half day work again for the afternoon MA (medical appointment) at MMI (Militry Medical Institute). This time, Yongfu was going there too (different storey though) and so we decided to go together.

I was rebellious for the first time; as he asked me to have lunch at NUS, I did not even bother to go to the cookhouse to scan my card. It was a waste of money but I thought it was okay for the rare coincidence.

It was the usual route there but this time we went to the canteen straight. I felt dumb walking to the seats a few times, especially in my uniform. Then, we decided to carry our bags along since there were quite a number of empty seats.

We both got the chicken chop for $2.20 each, feeling so pleased with the price much cheaper than NP ($2.80) and SP ($2.70), and any other places. It tasted quite alright but the fries could be improved.

Since Yongfu and I would be going to the same direction after our MA, I tried to coordinate with him. My MA was at 2pm and his one was at 3pm, but he was going there earlier.

So, I tried to finish up everything fast and cut down the number of times I had to work out. It took me an hour still. In the midst, I triggered the pain on my right middle finger carelessly ocassionally. Anyway, I checked my phone after that and Yongfu had already left the building long ago.

After reaching home, the sky was roaring loudly, threatening to soak me in water anytime. I was exhausted but my determination to go and give Peh my support overwhelmed every single thoughts of giving up. I must be crazy.

Before I left the house, I messaged Peh in MSN to get more information. I was not a genious but enough to create surprises.

Me: Want to go Jurong Point? [far enough from his house and Marina Square]

Peh: No, I have audition later. [might be foolishly feeling bad for rejecting me?]

Me: Wah! Where is it? [pretending once again]

Peh: Marina Square.

Me: Which part? … Blah …

Peh: … Blah …

Me: Who is going down to support you?

Peh: Sem and his friends. [Sem is the only one who had promised to go]

Me: Haha. He bluffs you one! He’s joining Gilbert and I at Jurong Point now. [I lied again!]

Peh: Maybe he will join me later. [stunned?]

Me: But we’re catching movie at 8pm. [my greatest lie – definitely no time to go down if we were to catch a movie!]

Peh: Nevermind. I SMS him and ask. [at the same time I called Sem to inform him about my trick]

Me: Your “Ren Yuan” (personal connection) not good lo! [trying to sound it more real for him to believe Sem is really not going down]

Peh: … Blah …

Me: … Blah …

Peh: … Blah …

Me: Must introduce me if got any pretty contestant okay? [trying to sound it super duper real that I’m not going down]

Peh: Despo.

Both: … Blah …

I set off and reached fifteen minutes earlier like Gilbert. Then we spent some time at the MPH, where I read my Photography magazines. They were so expensive that I had never given a thought to purchase any. Gilbert looked so bored that I stopped reading and continued with his shopping.

Sem and Tze Siang were late. We met up at the Long John Silver. I could not stop laughing when Sem told me he did not reply Peh’s several SMSes. After finishing our dinner, we moved on to the Live cafe – Ai Qing Hai.

Peh was sitting down there alone and I believed he must be very happy and surprised to see us there. Sem started to tease me when his two friends arrived because one of them, the girl, knew Wanxin – my sweet ex polymate who had suddenly lost contact with me. I did not feel shy but awkward that she was asking for me. Sem could have played some pranks on me.

The table was small. The chairs were identical to the one I always used at home, except that they had some cushion on the sitting area. The banana milkshake I ordered tasted almost plain, without any taste of banana, and the pearls were totally tasteless.

We had our toilet break soon and Sem led us into the Pan Pacific hotel. We were questioned by a lady who told us to use the toilet at the lobby instead.

Though we were no very shabbily dressed, our use of term (“toilet” instead of “washroom”) kind of gave us off. We made a few wasted trip one level down and finally found the high class toilet. Each of them tried so hard to push the tap down, not noticing that they were fully automatical ones. Just as we were turning into the cafe, we saw the toilet just next to it.

There were forty contestants for the singing job. Basically the contestants were so good in singing that I decided I should never ever let them hear my embarrassing singing.

Peh was placed at the thirty-six seat, whereas another friend was just a few numbers in front of him, therefore I decided to prepare my camera only when his friend went up. Suddenly, the lady called for his name and we were all stunned since we were expecting his friend to go up first.

I quickly took out my camera as he approached the stage and decided to just adjust the setting without changing the batteries (the rechargeable ones which I had used for a few outings without charging). Halfway through, the empty cell red logo blinked and it seemed to freeze immediately without time for me to halt and close it. It seemed that the batteries had dried up before the video clip was stored properly.

Anyway, Peh had impressed many people even though he had forgotten his lyrics for a few seconds that the clapping sound was still quite loud when some of the contestants had left.

We were billed around $12.50 each person inclusive of GST for just one lousy cup of drinks. It could be a good place to bring my future girlfriend to but even the quality of the water sucked so much, I had to rethink over it first.

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