Something's wrong

I don’t know why I’m feeling sad and moody for the whole day, especially when I’m alone.

Maybe I’m very tired in spite of dozing off as early as nine plus last night.

My chest is stuffy. I really wish to know why but there is seriously nothing wrong.

Maybe it is because there are too many things that I have not done – my work. I must have slacked too much this few days, chatting online. I need to quit soon.

If my work keeps piling up, I’m going to get worse. I need to finish up all the uncompleted diary entries too before I start to forget about them.

I even owe Gilbert the photos taken on Sunday after the swim at Jurong East, which I also have not uploaded into that journal’s entry.

Perhaps, I have been spending too much time during travelling on a Chinese poem instead. Does it worth it? I usually could settle at least half of the diaries during the journey.

I need to work harder!!

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