Sorry doesn't mean everything

I hate to be taken for granted by friends; it is one of the saddest things on earth to try to be kind to someone who are always trying to make use of you.

Often, I can go all out to help if you give in your best as well and not coming back just like a refugee camp; willingness to sacrifice is what really needed between humans to build up bonds and trust.

What can become a joke is when you keep thinking you are magnanimous and respectable, but never do any self soul-searching. The obvious attitudes from others towards you are clueless to you.

You can say sorry repeatedly but you never want to change. No matter how ignorant I am, I can sense the scheme somehow. Once or twice are okay but if it is more, I will never buy that again.

If you think you can bury every sin you have done by just apologising to yourself or something else at the end of day, something must be really wrong with your brain. I doubt I’m able to communicate with you.

Kill a person and say sorry to the honour at the court – does this work?

Or perhaps, you think you can atone for everything just by offering a little help sometimes when you are totally relaxed because you have not been doing anything, or even just some nice sweet words.

If you cannot differentiate between guiltiness and helpfulness, you are always welcomed to the outcast club.

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