Take off your bra

(gone with the wind!)
If this goes on, there will be a surpass in the number of teachers – male ones.
This topic was quite hot for a moment in camp last week.
The all girls’ school has this rule of confiscating the girls’ bras if they are caught wearing coloured ones. This is of course absurd and might as well make them to strip down to the last piece of cloth.
Guys would not want to wear a translucent short without underwear underneath, so why would girls? Even for a dirty-minded guy like me, I think it is damn indecent for girls not wearing bras under their almost see-through uniforms.
If I were one of the victims’ parents, I would have sued the principal or even the school; if I were from one of the higher board of MOE, I would have definitely sacked him or her.
It is so interesting that people of a much higher education can be more insane than me. They are trying to tempt guys like me on the street when their students are on their way home.

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