Terribly hurting

The swelling on my right knee is getting worse. It is the overgrowth of the bone, which specialists believe causes by Osgood Schlatter disease. It gives pains that not tremendously piercing, but sharp and hurtful enough to irritate and torture me, such that I really want to give up walking sometimes. This is when people prefer “once and for all”, definitely not the long term median-rated pains.

My legs are really weak now. The feet are boiling up my temper with the sharp pain, assassinating me each time I touch the ground. Not to exclude, the usual back aching that has recently giving me addition piercing as well. It just does not seem good when I’m finally able to have a competitive volleyball game in another few hours’ time.

It is all for the event the day before, my body condition has gone down the drain so much. The preparation day and the actual day itself shagged me out completely. All the last minute demands, the repeatedly climbing up and down of stairs and the moving of furniture were distorting me. Shep would be screaming at me if she knew I was doing so much, but I could not tell the old people that I was seriously injured and could not do those chores that any grown-up could accomplish; if I had a choice, I would not have worked under an asshole (007).

Sometimes I just absurd when the more senior and more junior people are slacking, while the middle one works like a bull. Sometimes, naive people think they have contributed enough, such that it becomes an excuse for them to rot around whole day, when they have actually been sleeping since day one. It portraits to outsiders that it is a very relaxing place, which is so misleading, and which also leads to bad education to newcomers.

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