The fun kids and the gathering at funeral

Last Friday, I did not go home straight after booking out. I had my dinner alone at Long John Silver, upsizing my drink to the largest cup. I sat there waiting for Bianhong while updating my diary.

Bianhong arrived after seven with his girlfriend and we set off to his grand dad’s funeral. We passed by Sem’s house and it was just somewhere further in.

I had actually been to the house before years ago, there were still some short captures inside my mind, After Bianhong bathed, we went down together.

I almost could not recognise his mum. His eldest sister, Wanyi, reminded me of Tiffany, whereas Wanting looked alike. Wanying, same as her elder sister, could not recognise me anymore. It was quite sad for a few years back both of them were always clinging to me.

Bianhong had many other cousins there and they were so cute that I was quite reluctant to leave. We crapped around and they often ganged up to bully me. They made me remove my watch like as if I was part of their family and even complained about the colours of my shirt.

Alvin Cheong went as well and followed by Chuanjie, Sichun, Junrong, Weixiong and another guy not to be mentioned. It was kind of a gathering, especially rare to see Weixiong around. However, I spent a lot of time folding the incest papers instead to try to impress the kids.

That early morning, I wanted to stay to accompany Bianhong as well as to play with the cuties. However, I was totally unprepared as Bianhong had only informed me when I was staying overnight in camp on Thursday night. The most important reasons were that I had a haircut appointment hours later and also the swimming outing with Gilbert, Chua, Weichuan and Kenny.

I really appreciated Alvin Cheong for sending me home, else I would have to take a cab with double charge instead.

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