The third SI anniversary

Finally, the Signal Institute third year anniversary is over. I have spent almost two days full at the MPH (multi-purpose hall).

It was Tuesday after my long weekend, I stepped into camp to hear the news that Benjamin and I were tasked to in charge of the sound system for the whole event. I thought it was alright since I was going to have helpers.

It was so sudden when I was first told to set up the system in an hour’s time. I was not confident at all since there was always cock-up. Anyway, there was too many communication problems between the upper level and that we actually just had to prepare the equipments by the time and the organiser would send his men to carry them over, and from then we would start to set up.

I felt Shawn was not very organised but he was extremely friendly, respectful and humble, so, I decided to give in my best once again. He did not settle for the position to put all the systems and on the first day I could only test up the system to make sure it could work.

Lunch was a few mouthfuls before I was hurried to go back to the MPH above so that Benjamin could go back to the office. For the rest of the day, I was waiting there by myself. I did not even have time to fill my water bottle to take my medicine. There was basically nothing I could do except to look after the system as the SOCC (Signal Officer Cadet) wanted to loan it out and we planned to pass them on the spot.

I was all alone but too sleepy to get anything written for my journal. The isolation was kind of sad even though I loved the peace. I felt like a jailbird actually, that I could not leave the place at all time since I was responsible for the stuffs there. My phone kept ringing by people who tried to find out the latest situations but nothing was done to help me at all.

As the organisers got back to clear and decorate the place, I finally had some entertainments with the craps they could come out with to create happiness while doing the shit job. Their warrant officer came and took over the more dangerous job straight away, which really demonstrated how great a leader he was. However, I really hated staying inside when I was the only one idling around, but my physical fitness could not grant me from doing anything and that Shep would not be pleased if I meddled in other people’s business.

At the end of the day, SOCC did not come over, but they agreed to tie down with the organisers the next day for their rehearsal. So, Shawn signed out for the equipments, which were left behind at MPH – he and his team were really cool about it.

The next morning, I went over early to prepare everything. The organisers were enthusiastic like the day before, trying to get the media rack connected such that I was kind of being blocked from doing my job. I was cool with it since they kind of knew what to do, but had to worry somehow.

I did the taping of the cables neatly all by myself and made extra effort to put table cloth to cover up the ugly tables used to hold the speakers. Even for the rostrum microphone, I went up and down the stage repeatedly to test and adjust the volume. Calling back office to get more equipments were hours of waiting each time that I really wished I could leave the place to get everything by myself. It was quite depressing for working without my colleague when I was only tasked for in charge of the event and not tasked to do it alone.

Discovering the faulty microphone cable was in fact the key to the success of the event. Previously, we were using the same cable, which was the main cause to the buzzing sound and that we did not realise it and had to lower down the sound of the system in order to reduce the noise, such that the sound was not solid anymore.

Though I was working with a fun bunch of people, there were still unpleasant stuffs, like the warrant officer expecting me to provide everything which he had not stated for in the first place. It was ridiculous for me to come out with them immediately and he should be the one contacting Shep to request for the items – not me. He also scolded me once for replying Shawn in Chinese – I was not talking to him in the first place. And that during the start of the event after certificate presentation, Miss Lee came over to drop me some food when she saw that I was not queuing up for any and soon the waitresses brought more over; he came over to chase us to the corridor some steps away to take our dinner and then he screwed us again for not leaving anyone to maintain the system. I quickly gobbled up the food and went back and soon, Benjamin came to take over me so that I could have my fill of food.

The event was a tremendous success. It was not only for the very solid sound system, but also the aids of the enthusiastic workers from the organisers, the good MCs (Masters of Ceremonies) and the sporting audience. I was shocked to witness so many talented singers. I was not sure about the others but I was so high at times, especially when the sound system was almost completely set up by me (definitely requires more people).

Suddenly, Chen De came over to ask Benjamin and me over. Quek had bought so many cans of beer to treat the whole branch and invited us over to drink and talk about the success of the event. He promised both of us to give a day off and it was effort being paid. I was happier for the effort being recognised, which would not have happened before Quek arrived in my department.

The DY commander announced the ending of the event and soon the crowd dispersed, having all the songs dedicated not sung. Packing up was fast but we left the equipments there for the next morning to collect back. I wanted to stay to help the organisers to pack up but Benjamin suggested it was not part of our job scope. I remembered the guard duty personnel for the night as my friends and I packed up the left0ver food to drop them at the guard room. At 9.30pm, I finally left the camp with my heavy bag.

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