Unforeseen – the story

I was finally done with the last chapter of Unforeseen last week. There was a little sense of satisfaction somehow.

The writing was done during travelling on train, mostly during the journey to camp every morning. Due to the short time intervals, I could not print out some of my inspirations before they vanished from my brain. Frankly speaking, I had long forgotten the initial title I had once set for.

Unforeseen is a true based story blending with a small portion of friction tale. It relates one of the twenty first century absurd and mysterious facts. Unforeseen is a story about a modern guy, Lert, who has been indulging in the internet. When he first gets to know this girl, Jillian, his world starts to lighten up. However, as time goes by, he come across ridiculous incidents that he never gets to understand.

The internet is an amazing world where million kinds of people can be found. There are fakers and also sentimental people who are true to others. Somehow, it is a good and easy place for people to interact with each other.

Chapter 1: Internet

Just like any other singles in his hometown, Lert spends his time indulging in those networking websites during his free time.

Lert, a cute looking chap in the beginning of his twenties is unexpectedly a shy guy though he has a wide circle of friends. He can be quiet or loud at times, somehow to the extreme.

This night, just like any other quiet nights, he sits in front of his laptop to laze around. He looks into his chat program – the windows messenger – but nothing interests him. Most of his friends seem to be out, or rather, busy with their own things, which they most probably find more useful than wasting time over the internet.

The sudden appearance of a new window indicating the arrival of a new mail lights up his night. The subject reads “Jill has sent you a message in Hi5”. He has no idea who is that but he gives no delay to log into the website.

“hi… how r u? this is jillian here. can u add me? saturated_rainbow@hotmail.com”

He reads the message from this girl with a sweet display picture. She has ten over others in her gallery, which he drools over. In some, she looks decently sexy; in some, she looks naughty and kiddy, while in some she looks extremely charismatic. She has lots of different poses, arching her body and her feminine sweeps his heart all over. Her long and beautiful legs make him start to appreciate fine legs.

Lert remembers her on the first sight of her photo, someone who has had added months ago as a friend in the website. All these while he has not chatted with her as in her profile she puts “in a relationship” in the status column.

So much for his happiness, Lert tries to figure out the babe’s words and assumes she wants him to add her in his MSN contact list. And so, he begins to wait.

On this beautiful evening of a tiring day, Lert finally receives a message in MSN from his beautiful girl – Jillian.

“who r u?”

“i thought you ask me to add you?”

“oh ya…”

“wah.. your pictures are so pretty”

“thanks.. haha”

Lert is smart with his words and he means every word he says. He is a man who does not deceive others, except for some white lies.

This evening, Lert seems to have captivated her heart. She is more than happy to ask for his number so as to shorten their distance. Lert has also been fascinated by this gorgeous girl. He fails to unleash his excitement beneath his most inner body that this moment he almost starts to hop around.

Jillian has not only given Lert a pleasant evening, but also brought his confident level to a peak. He suddenly becomes so quick-witted and this driven force has evolved him to a young adult, hereby he never shows childishness anymore.

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