When MMI fails

I’m extremely disappointed in MMI (Military Medical Institute). Two days ago, the new guy called and cancelled my appointment once again. I raised my voice instantly because that was really outrageous but I managed to cool down somehow.

My condition is worsening each day and the aching is tearing me apart soon. There is too little I can do now.

I need to change my place for physiotherapy since MMI is not doing me any good. Miss Archana is experienced and kind but I cannot have the appointments being rescheduled again and again. I love chatting with Kenneth too and he gladly helped me with things. MMI can be a better place for injured personnel but not for the moment.

I’m quite near to ORD date and time just does not permit me to waste my chance anymore. After that, I will have to pay for my own medical fee. Thus I have to fix everything before the date.

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